Exclusive: Kayla Itsines Shows Us Her Favorite Workout of All Time

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Kayla Itsines is taking over the world. For the uninitiated, Itsines is a personal trainer-turned-Instagram fitness star. Her famous printable 12-Week Bikini Body Guides propelled her to notability when women started posting before-and-after pics on Instagram with the hashtag #kaylasarmy.

No biggie, until you realise this 25-year-old is no ordinary social media influencer. The Australian is known the world over, with a dedicated community ofВ 5.8 million followersВ and a mind-blowing net worth of aroundВ $46 million AUDВ (that's around ВЈ27 million GBP). She's basically the rock star of the fitness world. No, really: Last year she took her training on tour, filling stadiums the world over where women turned up to train along with Itsines, who lead the circuits wearing a Britney Spears-esque head mic.В

HerВ Sweat With KaylaВ app brings her printable workouts to life and enables you to train along with herВ at home or in the gym. Her famous workouts consist ofВ 28-minute circuits involving high-intensity plyometric and body-weight resistance moves. According to Itsines and her 5.8 million happy followers, this is how to see results fast. "This training style can help you make the most out of your workout, which is great, as you can fit a high-intensity workout into a short amount of time," she explained.

Are you a BBG newbie?В Itsines has shared with us her all-time favourite workout-a whole body circuit that targets your butt, legs, abs, arms and back while sending your heart rate through the roof to burn serious calories. There's also no reason you can't complete the circuit in your home (or office!)В right now: "The great thing about these exercises is they help target multiple muscle groups and don't require any equipment," she added. So it's fast and you don't need any accoutrements-there go your best excuses.

Keep scrolling to see ItsinesВ demonstrate the moves.

The Plan

One seven-minute circuit is comprised of just five moves. Start by setting your timer, and aim to complete the exercises in the circuit as many times as you can before itВ goes off. Now take a well-deserved 60-second rest. Don't get too comfortable, because you need to getВ straight back into it. Set your timer for another seven minutes, and complete the circuit again for your full 15-minute workout.

Burpee and Tuck Jumps: 10 Reps

Commando: 24 Reps (12 Each Side)

Snap Jump: 15 Reps

Toe Taps: 15 Reps

X Hop: 24 Reps

Post-Workout Tips

Yes! You made it. To recover quickly from the arse-kicking, Kayla recommends including "foam rolling and stretching into your weekly training schedules."

There are easy-to-follow stretch and recovery routines in her app. She suggests you "try to include stretches that work multiple muscle groups to ensure you're stretching your full body, some including, pecs, arms, abs, chest, thighs and calves."

Afterwards, it's important to "listen to your body and fuel your body with the food that makes you feel good." For Itsines, that's usually "a meal or snack filled with carbs and protein" to help "replenish any lost energy." Think a light chicken-and-salad wrap.

Are you already a Kayla fan or are you trying this workout for the first time? You can purchase her cult-favourite ВЈ12-per-month 12-week program.

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