Riverdale Actress Hayley Law's Favorite Curly Hair Product Is $4

If the sparkling, freshly complected face above, that of rising actress Hayley Law, doesn't already set off a loud concerto of bells, rest assured, it will from here on out. Law, a 26-year-old Canadian who's mainly known for her turn as the self-possessed Val on Riverdale, is in the hustle phase of what is sure to be an explosive career: After Riverdale, she plays the badass Lizzie Elliot on Netflix's sci-fi series Altered Carbon, and is in a comedy film, The New Romantic, at SXSW; plus, a musician at heart, she has a pop-R&B EP coming out soon.

It's an exciting time for Law-in fact, it was tricky finding a time to schedule our quick interview amid her bustling schedule-and yet, she doesn't seem anxious in the least. Five minutes into my conversation with her, it becomes clear why she keeps getting cast as these fierce, autonomous characters: The actress has the easy confidence of someone who already achieved an A-list level of success long ago. This is evident in everything from her effortlessly cool Instagram aesthetic (which over half a million fans follow) to her calm, velvety tone of voice, which she uses to tell me all about her well-informed skincare routine, favorite makeup and hair products, and current beauty icons. Law is inspired by "girls that are really representing who they are," like Solange and ZoГ« Kravitz. I wonder if she knows she is quickly rising to their level of individuality and nonchalant cool.

If you're into keeping track of up-and-coming beauty muses, we've got your new girl. Read on to learn all about Hayley Law's cool beauty routine, from what music she listens to while getting ready for a night out to the $4 hair product she can't live without.

Walk us through your current skincare routine, if you please!

The thing I use no matter what is my vitamin C serum ($28) from Glossier, and I'm actually running low on it, so I hope they read this and send me a year's supply. I use the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion ($17) for pimples. I'm in Vancouver for work a lot, and I find that it's really cold and I have dry skin, and there's just been kind of disaster with my skin lately, so I use this Mario Badescu Facial Spray ($12) throughout the day. Anything rose-flavored, I'm a sucker for. So that is just incredible. Also, Dermalogica has this stuff called Stress Positive Eye Lift ($68) that comes in a little tube with a metal tip. You put it under your eyes, and it's kind of cooling. So that's great too. Also, sometimes when I'm dry and I want to get rid of the dead skin, I use this exfoliator from Lush, Ocean Salt ($22), and I also use the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser ($9). I'm also getting into Aesop now, too. I just got a sample pack. I just want my whole apartment to smell and look like Aesop.

If you have a day off work, is there a skincare ritual you indulge in to unwind?

Face masks: I love face masks so much. And I'm always open to finding new ones. But one of the two I've been using is from Charlotte Tilbury-the Goddess Clay Mask ($55). It's incredible. The other is from Lush and is called Mask of Magnaminty ($15). It's another clay mask, but it's kind of minty and heavy and also really amazing. I put it in the fridge. Because I find that I'm getting some bags, you know? I don't think anyone wants bags. And the cold is so good for tired eyes.

What about haircare? Obviously, your curls are incred.

I'm still figuring out my hair. Moisture? There's never enough. My hair will soak everything up. There's not enough moisture ever. I think leave-in conditioner is the most important thing ever for curls. Right now I'm using this one ($15) from BioSilk, and it just smells so good. Aside from that, I use R&B ($26) from Lush. It's more like a hair moisturizer. I just put a ton in my hair, and it's just so hydrating. I also use just regular conditioner and leave it in; it doesn't even have to be a “leave-in” specifically. The Aussie 3-Minute Miracle is like $4, and it's so good.

If you had to get ready using only three makeup products, what would they be?

The brown tinted Boy Brow ($16) from Glossier because I think brows are key, always. And there's this mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex ($23), and a bronzer from Nyx, and it's like $9 and incredible. And obviously on a fun day, the Fenty red lip ($24). But that's on a fun day.

On a fun Fenty day, what's on your getting-ready playlist?

Ravyn Lenae's latest EP-it's called Crush, and it's just really upbeat, cute R&B pop songs, and it just makes you feel good. Oh, and I have a guilty pleasure song that I just haven't been able to get over for like a year. And it's Demi Lovato's “Sorry Not Sorry.” I need to see her live and just chant and cry to that song.