An Emirati Beauty Entrepreneur Tells Us What Women in Dubai Love

It's here: 31 days. 31 cities. 31 perspectives. Each day in the month of March, we're profiling an inspiring woman from across the world and asking her to share her beauty routine, products, and wellness secrets. Consider this your firsthand look into the beauty traditions and cultures of your beauty-obsessed counterparts from Thailand, Nigeria, and more (and don't forget to check ourВ InstagramВ for a beauty-themed global takeover each day).

Name: Lamees Hamdan, MD

Age: 43

City and country of residence: Dubai, UAE

Your beauty icons:

Iman, Linda Evangelista, and Lauren Hutton

The skincare products you can't live without:

ShiffaВ Rejuvenating Eye Remedy ($97) is great because I have dark circles and this makes them disappear! Shiffa Healing Balm ($106), Shiffa Tri Acid Radiance Peel ($68), Elta MD Oil-Free Sunscreen ($35), and the Shiffa Aromatic Facial Cleanser ($80) because you can't start taking care of your skin if you don't cleanse properly.

The hair products you can't live without:

Ouai Leave-In Conditioner ($26). Seriously, I spray it on my wet hair and let it air dry. it makes my hair so manageable and looks great! The Ouai Hair Supplements for Thinning Hair ($28) because my hair started falling out, and this stopped it. I love the Shiffa Invigorating Hair Oil ($91)В as a pre-shampoo treatment on my scalp. Philip B.В Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo ($42)В alternating with Ouai Clean Shampoo ($28) because I have seborrheic dermatitis, which is like an oily form of dandruff. These shampoos control the flakes.

The makeup products you can't live without:

RMS Lip 2 Cheek in Beloved ($36) only on my cheeks to gives me a healthy glow. I love the Surratt Eyebrow Pencil ($25), the attached eyebrow brush defines my brows. Plus the Kjaer Weiss Mascara ($38), and NarsВ Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita ($27).

What countries and cultures do you find most inspirational when it comes to beauty and why?

The Arabian Peninsula, Far East, and India (it's almost like the spice route!). I find them inspirational because their beauty practices have been used for hundreds of years (and to this day, such as the Moroccan and Turkish hammams, frankincense from Arabia, and Ayurveda treatments). There is something to be said for beauty treatments that have stood the test of time. I still remember my mother using a weekly face mask made of crushed henna, turmeric, yogurt, and a squeeze of lemon and my grandmother showing me how she mixes her attars (perfume oils).

The most popular beauty product(s) and brand(s) in your country right now:

K-beauty is still popular in Dubai, and I see more and more people gravitating to natural and organic skincare as well. Long-wearing matte lipsticks are popular, and probably the most popular beauty product is a highlighter.

The most popular beauty trends in your country right now:

Foundation is very big, as is contouring. (None of which I do! I am not a huge makeup person.)

A favorite traditional beauty secret from your country:

Pure rose water-it has so many applications and is very refreshing in our hot, humid climate.

Where you buy beauty products:

Sephora, Nordstrom, and Violet Grey.

What does "healthy living" mean to you?

I guess I equate being healthy to being happy. So healthy living is when I have time to give back to me, such as having the time to meditate, cook healthy meals, time for yoga or foam-rolling, and just having a good old laugh and being silly with my friends.

How do you define/practice self-care?

My beauty routine, to me, is self-care. I love using the right products and performing quick and easy massages, peels, and jade-rolling to myself.

What's your favorite way to stay active and why?

Shaolin Kung Fu because I don't feel the hour go by. I wish I took more joy in exercising, but it's something I really have to force myself to do.

What's your favorite healthy meal?

It's a Persian stew called Gormeh Sabzi that is made with red kidney beans and a fragrant mix of herbs such as fenugreek, parsley, cilantro, and a dash of turmeric.

What are the most popular wellness trends in your country right now?

Cryotherapy for the body and face. I recently bought an at-home near-infrared sauna-it isn't yet popular in Dubai, but I think we will be hearing more about the benefits of this particular light wavelength.