We Shopped for Drugstore Skincare Products With NYC's Top Dermatologists

There's a consistent debate regarding drugstore products-whether they're as effective as their pricey counterparts. Can something half the price (if not more) of another product made to serve the same purpose actually work just as well? We set out to answer those questions withВ two top dermatologists.В

The experiment went like this: We asked each expert to go to their local drugstore with only $100 to spend. Then, they were meant to choose their favorite products, ones they'd recommend to their clients, and explain what about those formulas makes them so special. They even took over our Instagram so each one of you could go along for the ride. That way, wading through the confusing, often convoluted marketing and product-packed aisles is a bit easier to master. Below, find each derm's top picks.В

L'OrГ©al Revitalift Derm Intensives Vitamin C Serum $30Shop

"Morning is for protection," NYC-basedВ Joshua Zeichner, MD, says, "so choose a vitamin C serum and sunscreen to protectВ against free-radical damage and lighten any dark spots." He suggests L'OrГ©al Revitalift Derm Intensives Vitamin C Serum, as it'sВ lightweight yet highly potent (the formula offersВ 10% pure vitamin C) and clinically proven to brighten skin and smooth fine lines. Then, Zeichner says to follow that up with NeutrogenaВ Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 50 With Helioplex ($16).

Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 50 With Helioplex $16Shop

Neutrogena's lightweight formula contains Helioplex,В a sunscreen complex that helps block harmful UVBВ (burning) and UVAВ (aging) rays from your skin.В TheВ moisturizer offers up an antioxidant blend with pure vitamin E and lots of hydration.

CeraVe PM Face Moisturizer for Nighttime Use $16Shop

"Evenings are a time for repair," Zeichner says. He notes, "I chose a moisturizerВ to layer underneath a topical retinoid, as topical retinoids treat acne and stimulate collagen to strengthenВ your skin's foundation and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles." His picks? CeraVeВ PM Face Moisturizer for Nighttime Use, as it's a really reliable, non-irritation formula enriched with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide to help calm, protect, and retain moisture. Then, he says to follow up with DifferinВ Gel ($29).

Differin Gel $29Shop

This prescription-strength retinoid treats the redness and inflammation associated with acne and helps prevent pimples, blackheads, and clogged pores, as well as keeps wrinkles at bay.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser $14Shop

"For face and body," Zeichner says, "you want to choose the right cleanser to remove dirt and oil without compromising your skin barrier. True soaps have an alkaline pH and can cause irritation and inflammation inВ your skin." Instead, he says, you should stick to soap-free cleansers for your face and body, like CetaphilВ Daily Facial CleanserВ ($14) and DoveВ Deep Moisture Shower Foam ($6).

Dove Deep Moisture Shower Foam $6Shop

Dove's foam creates anВ airy lather that rinses away quickly, nourishing your skin rather than stripping it of its moisture.В

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion $7Shop

"For thoseВ with dry skin," Zeichner says, "apply Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion within five minutes of getting out of the shower for optimal penetration and effectiveness. Light lotions are easier to spread and don't feel heavy or greasy."

Dove Dermacare Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo $6Shop

"Those who deal with dandruff shouldВ look for a shampoo with zinc pyrithione," Zeichner explains, which can help reduce flakes and irritation." HeВ suggestsВ DoveВ Dermacare Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo ($6), as it's specifically designed to help nourishВ a dry scalpВ and care for your hair as well.


Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Treatment $6Shop

"If you're looking for an acne spot treatment, find one with salicylic acid," suggests Zeichner. "It helps to dry up a pimple if it pops up," he says. Salicylic acid clears away dead skin cells and other pore-clogging impurities from the surface of the skin, which helps to quickly clear up breakouts and alleviate inflammation.В

Vaseline Lip Therapy $3Shop

"Of course, you need a heavy ointmentВ toВ help protect and hydrateВ yourВ lips," Zeichner says. He suggests Vaseline Lip Therapy, as it'sВ 100% pureВ Vaseline jelly, specifically formulated to better penetrate the thin skin on your lips and heal dryness, cracks, and chapped skin.

Vanicream Lite Lotion $9Shop

"I love that this product doesn'tВ have so many things that can be irritating to skin, like perfumes and masking fragrance and parabens," notes Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology in NYC. "But it alsoВ does have several emollients and barrier-repair ingredients to prevent moisture-evaporation from skin-perfect for wintertime when humidity is low," she says.

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar $6Shop

"Dove's Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar is my long-standing favorite," Nazarian says. "It's a non-drying cleanser that doesn't disrupt your natural skin oil. I'd always buy the unscented form to avoid skin irritation from unnecessary fragrance," she suggests.

Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment $5Shop

"This product is a major multitasker," Nazarian says. "Bacteria can't grow in it, so it's perfect for preventing infections after a cut. It also works well to prevent loss of moisture in dry environments so can be used nicely as a lip balm or on fingertips and cuticles to keep them hydrated throughout winter," she adds.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid $34Shop

"I useВ the Anthelios MineralВ ($30)В for my face, as it's all physical blockers," Nazarian says. She explains, "The tint is just subtle enough that it makes my skin look even and clear. And theВ Face & Body Melt In Sunscreen MilkВ ($36) is a slightly higher SPF, which I use for my body when I'm running around outdoors. Both block UVA and UVB, and are lightweight enough that they don't cause acne."

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer $22Shop

"This is one of the best retinol creams available over the counter," Nazarian says. "It's inexpensive and effective for minimizing superficial wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, the silver container blocks light and allows it to remain stable longer."

Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant $8Shop

"With 20% aluminum zirconium, this is the strongest percentage you can find over the counter," says Nazarian. "I usually stick to this brand because it tends to be less irritating than others, as higher percentages of this active ingredient can be quite drying in other formulas," she says.В

Ogx Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo $6Shop

"You can probably guess that this shampoo smells amazing (it does), but that's not enough for me," notes Nazarian. "Both the shampoo and conditioner contain coconut oil and milk proteins to smooth and strengthen your hair's cuticles."

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