10 Important Beauty Tips We Learned From Celebs We Interviewed in 2018

Regardless of how you felt about 2018, the year wasВ good for one thing at least: a copious amount of beauty tips from some of our favorite celebrities. This year, we sat down with everyone from ZoГ« Kravitz to Emily Ratajkowski to Kim Kardashian West to get to know them better and soak up all of their knowledge when it comes to skincare, makeup, and eating healthy. To all the celebs we've interviewed before: thank you.В

Keep scrolling for the 10 most important beauty tips we learned from celebrities we interviewed in 2018!


1. Try Your Contour Stick as a Lip Liner

Kim Kardashian West told usВ (and has demonstrated) that she can do an entire face using just her KKWВ Creme-Contour and Highlight KitВ ($48). Her favorite hack? Using the contour sticks as lip liner for the perfect nude-brown lip.В

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2. DIY a Hair Growth Serum

ModelВ Joan Smalls told us her secret for longer lashes and healthy hair is in a DIY concoction she makes with natural ingredients.В "I do a mix of castor oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, and put it on a brush and apply it to my eyelashes and my hair edges for extra moisture," she says. "Since I'm constantly putting so much makeup on my face, I try to do this every day."


3. Switch Up Your Retinol

Ever noticed that sometimes your favorite retinol serum just doesn't work as well as it did when you first got it? Most estheticians will tell you there isn't any harm in switching it up, and Emily Ratajkowski happens to agree. "I use retinol cream-yeah, I've gone there," she told us in August. "I loveВ Shani Darden's. I also loveВ Joanna Vargas. I kind of alternate depending."В

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4. Consider Crystals

When we caught up with Kiernan ShipkaВ to discuss all things witchy ahead of herВ Chilling Adventures of Sabrina show launch, she was quick to mention her love of crystals. "I've been using them as of late, mostly for healing purposes," she tells us. "I cleansed them under the moon; I did the whole damn thing." She swears by her hematoid quartz, which she said soothes her "bad hips" when she lays down and places the crystals on them. "But you have to set a clear intention for it," she warns. "You can't just expect a crystal to work; you have to really vibe with it and manifest."В

Curious about crystals? We've got you covered with the beginner's guide to healing crystals.В

5. Layer Your Body Products

When it comes to smelling good andВ having silky-smooth skin, Adwoa Aboah says her secret is all about product cocktailingВ "I also wear a lot of oils, like lavender oil," she tells us. "I always use a mixture of things. I'll layer on cocoa butter with my oils and then put on my AesopВ deodorantВ ($35), so I always smell like a million different things." When it comes to face masks, she swears by GlamGlow's original.В

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6. Give Your Skin a Breather

We got to be a fly on the wall when Ruby Rose interviewed Nina DobrevВ for our August cover shoot, and our ears perked up when Rose asked her the secret to her perfect skin. First, Dobrev was quick to deny that her skin is anything near perfect. ("That's not true, and you know it," she said.) Second,В she gives her skin a break from makeup whenever she can: "I mean, we are constantly wearing makeup for work, so when I'm not working, I try not to wear makeup. And that helps a little bit."В


7. Drink a Gallon of Water a Day

Whatever fountain of youthВ Gabrielle Union is drinking from, we'll go to the ends of the Earth for. The actress and new motherВ does not age.В Luckily, we were able to catch up with her and demand her secret, which ended up being simpler than we thought: She credits it toВ the fact that she startedВ drinking a gallon of water a dayВ in herВ 30s and hasn't stopped since. "It makes a difference for hair, skin, nails, all of it," she swears.В


8. Spend Money on Skin

Cindy Crawford is the OG supermodel and also justВ happens to have skin that leaves us extremely envious, so we lapped up allВ her beauty advice when we caught up with her in May. Her number one beauty tip? When it comes to buying beauty products, spend money on things that touch your skin, like foundations and skincare. "You can get a less expensive mascara, you can get a less expensive lip gloss or nail polish, but anything that's actually on your skin is worth investing in," she says. She happens to love By Terry's Illuminating Flawless Foundation Brush($58).В

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9. Use Aloe to Help Fade Scars

Pacific Rim UprisingВ starВ Adria Arjona credits her Puerto Rican mother for most of her beauty secrets. One particular tip that made an impression: using aloe to lighten scars. "Growing up, the only product I would really use wasВ sГЎbilaВ (aloe)," she told us. "Because I'm a tomboy, I have so many scars on my legs, so my mom used to put that on me. It kind of smells funny, and it's gooey and boogery and nasty. We would actually get the plant and use it like that."В


10. Try Balm as Eye Shadow

When it comes to beauty, Kelly Rowland knows her stuff.В The singer named Kevyn Aucoin lipstick and Elora Lane, a lash subscription service, as her must-haves and then shared a hack for dewy eyelids we'll definitely beВ using: She uses Honest Beauty'sВ Magic Balm ($12) on her eyelids for a "beautiful sheen."

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