Revealed: The Beauty Habits of Brazilian Women

Courtesy of Camila Coutinho

Brazil has given us the likes of Gisele BГјndchenВ and Adriana Lima, so it's little wonder that we're obsessed with everything Brazilian and want to know all their beauty secrets. We want to know what these women slather on their skin, the makeup trends they're obsessed with right now and the workouts that keep their figures looking so lean yet impossibly curvy.

Each month, we are focusing on a different country, and with the help of our friends at Pinterest, we'll be talking to a different influencer and Pinterest tastemaker from across the globeВ to find out the beauty secrets from their country. Last month, we talked all things French beauty with influencer Monique Vatin. This month, enter Camila Coutinho, known as Brazil's first fashion blogger (Garotas EstГєpidas). She has more than 2 million followers on Instagram and over 50k on Pinterest. Needless to say, when it comes to knowing everything there is to know about Brazilian beauty, she's our girl.

Keep scrolling as we uncover the Brazilian beauty secrets you can totally incorporate here in the UK.

BYRDIE UK: What beauty trends are big in Brazil right now?

CAMILA COUTINHO: The appreciation of natural beauty is having a big moment here, especially with girls accepting their curls! Here in Brazil, almost every woman has some kind of chemical in their hair, and now we watch lots of inspiring girls showing how to go through the tough moment of doing away withВ straightening; some companies are even launching special products to deal with it!

BYRDIE UK: According to Pinterest, blue lipstick, colorful eyeliner, naturally curly hair and metallic nails are searched for a lot in Brazil. Why do you think these are trending right now?

CC: We are bold! Brazilian girls took a little bit of time to get used to darker lips, but now we're ready to try everything and blue lips are one of the most daring of them! It shows a strong personality, something we always had but maybe (before Pinterest inspirations took over!) we were too shy to try. The colorful eyeliner was something we would always see during Carnival, and now it's a good thing to be incorporated into regular looks. I think we're more playful nowadays! We've always been crazy about nails, any color, any type of nail art… Now I guess Brazilians see the metallic as something more edgy yet chic.

BYRDIE UK: Any trends you're noticing are popular in Brazil?

CC: The idea of playing with lips in general. We've always been so focused on the smoky eye, and now we're letting our lipstick shine! You can easily see a girl wearing a black lipstick nowadays, something that was so weird before. Now we also have more and more options of products, so we have that "why not?" feeling to try!

BYRDIE UK: In the UK, matte lipstick is having a moment. What products are Brazilian women buying right now?

CC: Liquid lipstick is one of them! It is the kind of thing that friends share pics and tips to buy on WhatsApp! Coconut oil (the same used to cook) is still big, too. Girls put it on, go to sleep, wake up, wash and you have a wonderful, brilliant hair!

BYRDIE UK: When the British think of Brazil, we think of Gisele and the beach-what beauty products do you swear by for ensuring your skin and hair are in the best condition?

CC: I can't leave my house without the Amazon essential oil from Natura, a brand that uses only natural ingredients from Brazil. It's all 100% organic and free from parabens. It is a must-try for your skin and hair.

BYRDIE UK: Any little-known Brazilian beauty brands that our readers should know about, and why?

CC: Quem disse, Berenice? (ed. note: Translates to "Who said that, Berenice?"), which not only has a funny name but also has playful style,В colours and collections with a very good price. And also Granado, which is a pharmacy brand that our grandmothers used to swear by! The brand reformulated its line a few years ago, and now it's beautiful and also effective; its moisturizing waxes for nails are a hit!

BYRDIE UK: Do you have any tips for British women getting into a bikini this summer?

CC: Work out every day, and follow a good diet! There is no secret; it is about the balance between exercise and good nutrition.

BYRDIE UK:В Are there any fitness or wellness trends that are big news in Brazil right now?В В

CC: CrossFit is very popular right now, like you see everywhere, and lots of celebrities are doing it! Muay Thai is also trendy in Brazil, and you can burn aВ lot of caloriesВ in a one-hour session.

BYRDIE UK: What do you Brazilian women tend to ask for in the salon when it comes to cut, color and styling?

CC: The styling and color: Gisele! That kind of blonde; that style of waves! When it comes to the cut, women here love a long hair, but lately, people are surrendering toВ the long bob!В

BYRDIE UK: What's yourВ beauty routine like?

CC: My grandma always used to say, "Do not forget to put lotion on your neck, face, chest and hands. When these bodyВ parts get old, there is no plastic surgery that can rejuvenate them!"

I use morning and night products from La Prairie, CaudalieВ and Dermage,В an amazing Brazilian skincare range.

BYRDIE UK:В Which countries or foreign celebs would you say Brazilian women look to for inspiration? And why?

CC: People love Kim Kardashian West; if you say there's some product she uses, you'll find that people here go for it! Blake LivelyВ is very popular too.