The 5 Most Entertaining Podcasts to Listen to While You're Getting Ready

Let's face it: As exciting as the world of makeup can be, having to do your hair and face every single day can get a little tedious. To combat the repetition we've found several ways to entertain ourselves, whether it's blasting some tunes of, today's topic of discussion, listening to some seriously cool podcasts.

Read on to learn about the five podcasts we're addicted to and why you need to listen ASAP.

If you've logged onto any form of social media in the last few months, chances are you've heard everyone buzzing about the thrilling new podcast from the creators of This American Life: Serial. This addicting show, hosted by Sarah Koenig, follows the true story of a murder mystery that will leave you speculating long after each episode is over. Because the episodes reveal the details of the story sequentially, it's important to start from episode one for the full experience. Listen on the podcast's website or iTunes-we won't judge you for binge consumption. It's that good.

Born out of the poetic concept that “audiences are drawn to stories, like moths to a flame” comes the captivating podcast, The Moth. Deemed “New York's hottest and hippest literary ticket” by The Wall Street Journal, this acclaimed not-for-profit organization is dedicated to telling ordinary and extraordinary personal accounts beautifully. Each story is told live, without any notes, to standing-room-only crowds worldwide and listening always transports us far beyond our bathroom mirror, deep into a complex storyline we could have never imagined.

If you're in the mood to join a hilarious and intimate conversation between two celebrities, Alec Baldwin's Here's the Thing is the podcast for you. In it, Baldwin talks with artists, policy makers, and performers (some of our favorites have included Kristen Wiig and Lena Dunham) to hear their stories, what makes them tick, what inspires them, what experiences have shaped them, and beyond. You can listen to all the past episodes on their website.

Chances are you've heard the name Cheryl Strayed quite a bit lately. This talented writer is the author of Wild-the book-turned-movie starring Reese Witherspoon that's in theaters now-and she also penned the perspective-altering novel, Tiny Beautiful Things, Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar based on her longtime self help column, Dear Sugar.

Well, much to our excitement, Dear Sugar is back, this time speaking right into our headphones. Focused on beautiful advice for the lost, lonely, and heartsick, Dear Sugar reminds us that we're all a bit messed up… but that's okay. Expect to have your empathy levels skyrocket while tuning in. You can listen to the premiere podcast episode on the show's website, and expect new weekly episodes starting in January 2015.

No roundup of podcasts would be complete without the one that arguably started them all, This American Life. Centered on impeccably written accounts of the human experience, this podcast will educate, enlighten, and inspire you, all before your second cup of coffee. We're not alone in our affection; most weeks This American Life is the most popular podcast in the country, with around one million people downloading each episode. Listen on iTunes, or the podcast's website, and be sure to subscribe to receive each new episode weekly.

Do you have any other favorite podcasts to add to the list? Let us know below!В В В В