Margot Robbie's Makeup Artist Swears By This $20 Tool for Flawless Foundation

Once we find a foundation brush or sponge that works, we have the tendency to stick to it. After all, it's important that our foundation and/or concealer has a near flawless finish, melding into our skin and not sitting atop of it with a brazenly unnatural look. It's all about the subtlety, right? Especially since we're so into theВ no-makeup makeup look. Historically speaking, we've beenВ huge fans of the originalВ BeautyblenderВ ($20) since it blends harsh lines away and makes layering easy. For good measure, we also like the ShiseidoВ Foundation Brush ($30). Its short and dense bristles make achieving a uniform application simple and sweet.

Now, we have a new makeup applicator to consider, thanks to celeb makeup artistВ Pati Dubroff. She works with everyone from Margot Robbie to Kate Bosworth, and Dakota Johnson. And according toВ Harper's Bazaar, the only tool she uses to apply makeup on her A-list clientsВ is a silicone sponge called the Makeup Drop. Keep reading to learn why she swears by it.

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First and foremost, what Dubroff loves about this silicone makeup sponge is that it offers a hygienic application. "Sponges and brushes can be so unsanitary, and they start to pull your skin," Dubroff said. "The most important thing for my clients is that I'm making sure that I'm not hurting their skin, and that can happen if you're using dirty applicators."В

We get it. Makeup artists are constantly applying makeup to different faces, meaning brushes and sponges have to be cleaned in-between each person. If they're not cleaned thoroughly every single time, then that's not ideal. A silicone sponge, on the other hand, can easily be wiped off and cleaned of bacteria.В

She also loves that it limits product waste. Though we love ourВ more traditional makeup sponges and brushes, they do sometimes tend to soak up liquid foundations and concealers. Over time, that might add up.В

Dubroff has another reason she loves the Makeup Drop: It allows for a genius time-saving makeup hack. You see, sheВ stores it in a drawer in her freezer, so once she goes to use it on her clients, it will be cool to the touch. The cool temperature de-puffs tired skin and promotes better circulation, resulting in a bright and lively complexion (similar to the effects you'll see from an ice roller). In this way, it's a two-birds-with-one-stone situation because it provides perfect makeup application and skincare benefits in a single step.

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Opening Image:В Hannah Heartss