These 7 Conditioners Are About to Transform Your Afro Hair Routine

Conditioners are clearly the most exciting part of a hair routine. They're like eating a brownie after a boring desk lunch. The joy they illicit is primarily due to their ability to elevate hair within minutes, and who doesn't like quick results? This is especially true for Afro hair. I've done my fair share of experimenting with conditioners to find the ones that really make a difference to my natural coils.

Their superpowers can be found in the way they impart moisture, which is a head of Afro hair's best friend. A nourishing conditioner is one of the building blocks to greater moisture, which equals healthier hair, defined coils and more manageability. After a lot of testing, we've gone ahead and provided the game-changing conditioners for Afro hair that need to be front and centre in your routine.

Pantene Gold Series Moisture Boost Hair Conditioner $6Shop

You'll feel the 10 years of research that's gone into formulating this range when you work this softening conditioner through your hair. If tangles are your nemesis, this makes easy work of combing your hair out.

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner $8Shop

Proving that a gentle product filled with plant extracts can give excellent results, this sulphate-free conditioner uses vegetable protein to smooth, replenish and add plenty of shine to hair. If you're working with dry or damaged strands, get this into your routine ASAP.

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Conditioner $24Shop

The nutrient-dense oil from the mongongo nuts in this conditioner is packed with vitamin E to give your hair back any lost moisture and prevent further damage. You can feel the increase in softness before you even wash it out.

Dizziak Deep Conditioner $22Shop

With the kind of rich creaminess that is usually only seen on a dessert table, this conditioner uses quinoa protein to repair whilst babassu, Inca inchi, coconut and argan oils get to work locking in moisture, adding shine and providing the most delightful scent.

Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Conditioner $22Shop

Adding moisture from the inside out without weighing it down, this is the conditioner you need for deeply hydrating Afro hair. This is a great one for relaxed and transitioning hair, too, as the inclusion of amino and folic acids keep strands strong.

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner $11Shop

When you and your hair just aren't getting along, this conditioner is your saving grace. Formulated for dry, damaged and transitioning hair, this will boost elasticity and quickly work on remedying any damage.

Big Hair + Beauty Soft Co-Wash Conditioner $16Shop

If your hair isn't going to make it to the next wash day, this is just what you need for refreshing your coils without stripping any natural oils. With oat protein, sweet almond and coconut oils, you're guaranteed smoother hair that's easier to comb.

It's time to get excited about your hair routine again by giving these conditioners for Afro hair a go.