The 10 Best Beauty Products to Buy at Woolworths (Yes, Really)

Beauty Is Boring

While you won't seeВ top-tierВ luxury products lining the shelvesВ of your local Woolies, you will find good quality skincare, makeup, and haircare that costs a heck of a lot less. Gone are the days of bare-bones offering limited to home-brand sorbolene and suspicious-looking face washes. Most stores now carry an excellent range including the likes of ModelCo, Batiste, and even Klorane's cult dry shampoo. (Yes, you can shop a French pharmacyВ staple atВ the same place you buy your eggs-what a time to be alive.)В A great place to stock up on basics, Woolworths also hides a few secret editor favorites. From a $4 body wash that smells like "a really snuggly hug", to the best drugstore nail polish out there, Woolies has got it all. Ahead, you'll find the 10 best products to buy, according to Byrdie Australia editors.

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Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash $6Shop

"An old favorite. I haven't found anything better."

Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk $13Shop

"IВ often use this cult French pharmacy buy even when my hair is clean-it adds a little extra volume and texture without looking like 'product'."

Australian Botanical Soap Goats Milk Soap $4Shop

"Soaps can be quite drying but this one is so gentle on skin. It has such a cozy and comforting scent, too."

Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Powder Kit $13Shop

"At $13 this brow kit is as good as any other. I shape my brows with the wax, apply powder for definition, then set with the wax again. They stay in place all day and night."

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Clear Face SPF30+ $17Shop

"I use this every weekend. Apart from it smelling fresh, it's sheer, lightweight, and goes on like velvet. It doesn't block my pores like most sunscreens do, and I've never gotten a sunburn while wearing it."

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Eden $10Shop

"My hair is approximately 75% dry shampoo at all times. I've never managed to complete a grocery runВ without buying at least one bottle."

Original Source Coconut & Shea Butter Body Wash $4Shop

"I love this stuff so much. It smells comforting-like a really snuggly hug. It's also pretty moisturizing, and only costs $4 a pop."

Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Lotion $10Shop

"Coconut-scented body lotion is the closest I'll get to a European summer this year. It's not quite the same as spending a week in Santorini, but I'll take it."

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eye Eraser Concealer $14Shop

"I've used this concealer for years and it has never failed me. I apply it under my eyes to make my dark circles disappear. It's also great for blemishes, and has a nice, natural finish."