Bella Hadid Credits This Men's Skincare Product for Her Perfect Skin

Lorenzo Palizzoli/Getty Images

Bella Hadid epitomizes model-off-duty beauty. Everything from her seemingly effortless locks to her nontraditional skincare routine screams “cool girl.” And her latest interview with Elle-in which Hadid dishes on some major beauty secrets like the one makeup look she will never wear and the men's skincare product she swears by-only further solidifies her as our of-the-moment makeup icon.

As far as we're concerned, Hadid can pull off just about any makeup look. However, the 20-year-old told the magazine that she won't be rocking a red lip anytime soon, as she isn't one for makeup that can easily smear. Instead, Hadid told the publication that she much prefers a natural “taupe-y, golden situation.”

But that's not the only beauty secret Hadid spilled: She also credited Dior Homme's Dermo System Face Wash ($42), a cleanser targeted toward men, for her “perfect skin.” While Dior's website says this micro-purifying cleansing gel is “the daily beauty step for men's skin,” it also claims to lightly exfoliate, stimulate cellular renewal, and create brighter, younger-looking skin-pretty much everything a girl or boy could want in a cleanser. And while it does address nicks and cuts associated with regular facial shaving, there seems to be, like most male-targeted skincare products, no reason as to why we ladies shouldn't be using it. In fact, after thoroughly researching this product, we think Hadid might be on to something. I mean, just look at her skin.

Dior Homme's Micro-Purifying Cleansing Gel $42Shop

In an effort to keep her skin flawless after long days of modeling, not to mention the heavy amounts of makeup she has to wear during shoots, Hadid told Elle that she finishes off her skincare routine with Dior's Hydra Life Crème ($60) and Hydra Life Masks ($42), saying they are “so good.”

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