3 Beauty Editors Review Glossier's New Bubblewrap Eye and Lip Cream

Another day, another Glossier launch to get excited about. The brand's latest offering comes in the form of an alluring pink and white tube and is named Bubblewrap ($26), which we assume is named so because it protects precious cargo (our eyes, obviously). But this isn't your average eye cream. Nay, Bubblewrap is meant to be used on your eyes and your lips to add a big dose of plumping hydration. Makeup artists have been using eye cream on the lips as a backstage secret for years, so leave it to Glossier to develop a product that's actually meant for both. The product is made with hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid for visible plumping, a peptide complex and avocado and squalane oil to smooth out wrinkles, and antioxidant-rich blueberry fruit extract for an added layer of protection. It promises to leave your under-eyes hydrated and lips plump and smooth. This all sounds extremely enticing, but the eternal question is: does it deliver? We got to test-drive the product last week before the launch, and we have thoughts. Scroll to see our honest reviews on Glossier's Bubblewrap Eye and Lip Cream.

"I first tried a sample of the Glossier's eye cream during a makeup session with Katie Jane Hughes (humble brag). She applied the formula along my orbital bone, tapping it on as to not disrupt the delicate skin, and motioned with excitement when she was done. “Isn't it fabulous?” she said to me, pointing to my newly plumped, sheen-y under-eyes. And it was. The formula does exactly what the Bubblewrap moniker suggests-cushions and protects-while also hydrating, filling in lines, and smoothing your skin. It's a really beautiful formula, a water-in-oil emulsion, so it goes on like a lotion and melts into something more serum-like. But it really does plump up (the most important thing for an eye cream, IMHO, especially when you're wearing it below makeup), and smooths any lines around your eyes like a primer. It's light, easy to use, and really feels like a proper “Glossier take” on eye cream (in that it's fresh and young-feeling, and not about anti-aging, per say, but rather adding tons of glossy hydration). Oh, and it also works as a lip moisturizer too. And it does the very same thing: fills, plumps, hydrates. I used it before applying a matte lipstick and was thrilled with the results. All in all, it's a really great multi-use product that does exactly what it says it will. I think this is going to be a new hero product for the brand, hands down." - Hallie Gould, senior editor

"I'm going to say something that might sound crazy coming from a beauty editor: I don't use eye cream. It's not that I possess some supernatural anti-wrinkle gene (I wish), but more just that the way my bone structure is naturally, I'm less prone to eye bags and dark circles. But lately, I've noticed some wrinkles creeping up under my eyes and have come to the conclusion that incorporating an eye cream into my arsenal isn't such a bad idea. Thus, Glossier's new launch came at the perfect time. The tube is cute and Instagrammable, as are all of their products, and I was happy to bring it home and nestle it among the rest of the skincare products in my new medicine cabinet. In short: I'm impressed. I like that it comes from a tube, which feels more sanitary than dipping your finger into a pot, and the texture is light and bouncy-not too heavy or emollient like other eye creams. It sinks in instantly, so I can apply it in the morning (aka when I'm rushed 100% of the time) and immediately put on my tinted moisturizer afterwards without waiting for it to settle in. It gives a nice sheen to my under-eye area, and I do feel like it gives a slight plumping effect (the long-term benefits of smoothing out wrinkles is still TBD). I also like to use it on my lips at night as the final step in my skincare regimen. Yes, it feels a little weird at first, but the product doesn't sit on your lips for very long; instead, my lips seem to drink up the formula and I love how soft and smooth they look afterwards. I think I might be an eye (and lip) cream girl now." - Faith Xue, editorial director

"The prospect of Glossier launching an eye cream has longtimeВ felt like an imminent move, especially considering their largest fan base (millennials) are hopping aboard the preventative skincare train much earlier than the generations before them (1 in 3 women under the age of 35В are adopting an anti-aging routine). I, for one, am a staunch passenger and have dived headfirst into countless bottles and tubs in search of the perfect formula, which, as it turns out, tends to be of the retinol gel-serum variety. (Creams historically areВ too heavy and cause dreaded milia.) As such, I was bit hesitant to try Glossier's new BubblewrapВ cream, first becauseВ it's, well, not a gel, and second because it's marketed as an eyeВ andВ lip cream, and putting something that feels like a lotion on my lips felt backwards (and unappetizing). However, I'm pleased to say that this particular cream is super hydrating, light, and fast-absorbing, so it sinks into the delicate skin in both areas without any undesirable after effects. In fact, I noticed an instant plumping effect both under my eyes and on my lips, which servesВ as the perfect base before makeup. I'll have to keep using it to make sure it doesn't break me out, but so far, so great." - Lindsey Metrus, senior editor

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