How to Remove Halloween Makeup, According to an Esthetician

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It's so fun to experiment with Halloween makeup. You can turn yourself into a totally different creature, person, or character with some artfully placed makeup and accessories, transforming whatever Halloween party you're at into a stage for you to role-play and metamorphize. Truly, Halloween is one of the most fun days of the year. But what comes after Monster Mash has been played one last time and the last glass of (adult) cider has been drunk, you're left to deal with some hefty makeup removal.

To find out how best to wash off our impending spooky looks, we tapped the brain of celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas, who boasts clients like Jenna Dewan Tatum and Julianne Moore. Her easy tips will help remove every last inch of makeup, even the costumey paint you get at the drugstore. What's more, you'll wake up the next morning with gleaming skin and no trace of your costume. Keep scrolling to learn how to remove Halloween makeup!

Be Gentle

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First thing's first: As tempting as it may be to get your makeup off right away, don't reach for whatever's fastest. Says Vargas, "I wouldn't use a hand wash or any harsh soap on the skin just because it's easier. Using an oil cleanser would be more soothing and better for your skin."

Mind Your Eyes

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Halloween makeup invites fun eye looks like spidery lashes and glitter shadow, but don't scrub extra hard to remove the tough stuff. Instead, Vargas warns against tugging the delicate skin around the eyes (and not just on Halloween).

"The best way to remove makeup is to spend extra time working your cleanser into the eyelashes so that you give the cleanser enough time to break up the waterproof or hard-to-remove makeup. Over the eyes where makeup tends to be more difficult to remove, I recommend using downward circular motions over the eyes. Instead of lightly moving over the eyes, do 10 circular motions over the eyes. This will completely break it up," says Vargas.

Be Thorough

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"Pay close attention to the top of the forehead and by the ears-people are in such a rush when they cleanse that it's common to leave a little behind. Make sure when you rinse the face, do so about six times. This will ensure you got every last bit of it off," says Vargas. We also recommend swiping a cotton round soaked in micellar water around your face and neck to get rid of every last inch.

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Keep It Cool

Also, when you cleanse, avoid using steaming hot water. TepidВ water is best for washing your face so as not to dry your skin out and cause a whole host of other problems.В

Oil Up

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"I always follow cleansing with a face oil to calm any inflammation that may have been caused by all the chemicals in the makeup. It also hydrates from the inside out and makes the skin's lipid layer plumper," explains Vargas.

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