This Lip Plumper Is Like Spanx for Your Lips


Ahem, may I have your attention, please? I'm here to let you know that not all lip plumpers contain irritating ingredients that will burn and sting your lips. I'm living proof that a magical lip plumper does, in fact, exist after trying lip queen Sara Happ's latest Plump & Prime Lip Treatment.

If you're unfamiliar, let me catch you up to speed with Sara Happ's game-changing lip products. She's the brains behind the first-ever lip scrub to hit the shelves that everyone raves about. It's a hydrating lip scrub packed with grape-seed, macadamia nut, and sweet almond oils that will leave your lips feeling baby soft. Her brand also carries a sweet clay lip mask, a luxe lip balm, and lip slip glosses that you have to try. Her Plump & Prime Lip Treatment is the newest baby to join the bunch, and it's just as good.


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For starters, this plumper has a matte formula. Most lip plumpers on the market are overwhelmingly glossy, which makes the application process messy. Its matte texture is perfect because it preps your lips for whatever you want to apply next. It also has a nude pigment that's truly nude. Every girl with darker skin knows that our chances of finding a nude lipstick that won't leave an ashy-white cast on our skin are very slim. This gorgeous nude looks like it's barely there, which I love.

What makes this lip plumper so special is its ultra-filling spheres, which are microspheres of hyaluronic acid and konjac that work to boost your lip's molecules on contact, diminishing fine lines and expanding your pout. It's also full of peptides and rose-hip oil that'll amp up the volume in your lips and make them feel extra hydrated.

Seriously, there's no stinging, tingling, or burning at all after you apply. It just works. I looked in the mirror, and my lips magically appeared fuller. I'm a red-lipstick fanatic and will definitely be applying this plumper beforehand from now on. I'm totally down for any product that promotes luscious lips, and this is a winner.

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