Your August Horoscope Is Here, and It's Full of Surprises

With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA,В Rose TheodoraВ is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using-consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.


AUGUST || Overview. Streamline a more direct approach to glowing skin with your beauty routine.

August 7. Uranus retrograde until January 6, 2019. Uranus, newly in Taurus, takes a break. Be yourself; express your uniqueness without disrupting others. Giving everyone room to be themselves yields the most reassuring results.

August 11. New moon, solar eclipse in Leo. Take a beat and focus on yourself rather projecting the intensity you feel unto another. This eclipse paired with Mercury Retrograde, Pluto, and some prevalent asteroids brings up negative thought patterns and control dynamics. Remember that eclipses are about realignment, and this one is a potent new moon (new beginning), so be aware of what you're indulging in, as it signifies a new and long-term start.

August 19. Mercury direct in Leo. You'll be ready to move forward with greater mental clarity and creative outlooks.

August 26. Total full moon in Pisces. Develop latent skills that have otherwise been dormant and caused you pain. Stay motivated, successful, connected. Start with your intuitive, creative abilities and lead from there.

August 27. Mars direct in Aquarius. You'll be assertively ready to act on your desires.

ARIES: Reputation

Your ruling planet Mars has been retrograde since June 26. On August 27, it will regain speed and you'll feel like things are more fluid, more active, and right in the world again. Mercury direct means that ideas are flowing and you're ready to have some fun, but you're not just up for anything. You have a specific plan of action (or at least you should). Normally motivated by conquering your desires, your innate ways haven't proven successful lately. In short, being self-motivated hasn't worked to your advantage, and if you've been able to temper your impatience and think of a more inclusive and creative strategy, then you'll love the end of this month. Your skin has been a little more sensitive than usual and more flushed. Stay hydrated with this skin drink.

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TAURUS: Personal Philosophy

Uranus, the planet of ingenious rebellion, entered your sign mid-May, inspiring you to loosen your steady grip on life and encouraging you to further your education and more. Your reputation and home life are being eclipsed lately-the lunar eclipse on July 27 and August 1, plus Mercury direct, means that you're wanting to change your living space, as well as the way the world sees you. August is about allowing your newly realized ideas to lead the way. Stay open-between August 11 and 19, you'll have news or an answer related to relatives, a roommate, or your new place. Changes are coming-can you feel it? You like stability, and with all the changes, you'll need a grounding oil to make keep you calm and your skin glowing.

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GEMINI: Resources

There are a lot of so-called resources. Physical energy, for example, is a resource; your sexuality/sensuality another, your magnetism, your finances, your creative ideas, your skills, your wit, your charm… The list goes on. Since June 26, you haven't been able to express what comes naturally that easily, but that changes when Mars goes direct August 26. Mars has been tempering your resources for the purpose of valuing them and re-strategizing the way to best utilize and express them. Mercury, your planet, has also been retrograde since July 26 and goes direct August 19, which will sharpen your mind and strengthen your sense of community. In short, take it easy the first two weeks of August. Then expect momentum and more mental agility during the last week. A refreshing spritzer to tighten your pores and uplift your mind is heaven for you right now.

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CANCER: Partnerships

Saturn is still opposite your sun, making things feel heavy, despite it still being retrograde. That means you'll need to be easy on yourself despite feeling the overwhelming sense of sobriety right now. Your relationship with others has also been triggered lately for the purpose of coming back to yourself, to gaining more clarity about what you want, and most importantly, remembering to take care of yourself. The eclipses on July 27 and August 11 will bring your finances into better balance. Stay the course-it will be well worth it. Your skin needs a nurturing luminous mask.

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LEO: Time

Time might feel restrictive lately, or perhaps you've had too much of it-whichever it is, the eclipse on August 11 will bring about unexpected events, so rest up! If you're born between July 29 through August 8, expect that the changes you're seeking will find you one way or another. Mercury retrograde July 26 through August 19 has been in your sign too, enticing you to change your way of thinking. If you're remaining flexible, these changes will feel freer. If you're fighting the unavoidable changes, you'll likely feel the opposite. Stay heart-centered by listening/feeling the beat of your heart each day. It's still your birthday month, and the light is shining brightly upon you-soak it up! Glowing skin is dependent on getting enough sleep, and getting sufficient rest is means quieting your mind right now-meditation is your remedy.

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VIRGO: Your Subconscious

Often overlooked in modern-day society, but perhaps overvalued by Freud, your subconscious is running the show this month. Both Mercury (your ruling planet) and the solar eclipse on August 11 bring your subconscious into focus. It's not that you're oblivious to it, but you haven't paid this much attention in a while. Spend time in quiet contemplation, alone or in nature, to hear the echoes of your thoughts-they linger just like everything. This is where all of your activity is this month. The eclipse on July 26 brought your routine into focus-let that go now and focus on the more obscure aspects of your life. Mars direct on August 27 stimulates your creative ideas and you'll want to follow through. Submerge your entire body in rose petals and water.

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LIBRA: Circles

The eclipse on July 26 last month started a cycle for you in which you let go of your detached ways. The eclipse onВ August 11В followed by Mercury direct onВ August 19В opens you to new social circles. Spend the first half of the month being selective. Follow your heart and only do things because you feel attached to it because your heart is in it. Mars direct at the end of the month means making your place your sanctuary or that you'll finally see movement with your living situation. When it comes to your beauty routine this month, you'll need to indulge a little more-you already have more products than the average person, but you'll need to use a luxurious vitamin-enriched moisturizing mask to keep your skin balanced.

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SCORPIO: Social Skills

You're perfectly fine keeping to yourself, but this month isn't quite about that. Your career takes a standstill for only a second, until the solar eclipse on August 11 unfolds, followed by Mercury waking up on August 19- then forget about whatever doubts you had and surrender to what out of your control. You've got Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, conspiring with your sun or ascendant to change your life to assist you in transformation. This month, the growth pertains to your career/your image/your reputation. Mars direct in your communication sector means that you're clear about what you want and how to get it, but being strategic means playing nice. This month, think about a new scent-something bold, sensual, and reflective of your new goals.

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In Astrology, there is a system called the house system. Your house in astrology is playing host to the eclipse on August 11 and Mercury direct on August 19 in Leo. This means that your belief system and your experiences throughout your life are up for re-examination, and you'll need to rethink some things. In fact, you may have been already, a lot. The eclipse brings things to light, affirms or disproves your theory, so stay open. Mars direct on August 27 means that you can take action in regard to amassing more money, but watch for a tendency to want to indulge because you've been thrifty. Stay grounded with an earthy, balancing cleanser.

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CAPRICORN: Sensuality

July was more about your partnerships and resources, and August is about continuing the work you've built upon last month. Time is a continuum- you know this more than anyone, as you have an unwavering respect for it. The eclipse on August 11 followed by Mercury no longer retrograde, paired with Mars direct, means that you're projecting a steamy sensuality that's effortless. Your heart leads your intuition-pay attention and channel your impulses into direct action, but only after August 27. Spend the first half of the month cultivating more of that kundalini energy. Dead layers of skin hold old stories-exfoliation is key to your beauty routine this month. Prep your skin for newness.

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You're likely still feeling that eclipse from last month, leading you into a new cycle-the solar eclipse on August 11. This brings you more into balance. On July 26, you let go of your normal detached ways in favor of a more heartfelt approach this month. Life is reflective, and that means that whatever you emanate, others will reflect back to you. Be clear, and focus on what you really want to experience this month. What kind of partnership do you want to be in? Whether single or in a relationship, what kind of partner do you want to be? Mars retrograde in the subconscious sector of your chart awakens you to your subconscious motives so that you can be extremely clear about what you want. Expect greatness and that's what you'll get. Try a gentle product that brightens your overall skin tone in August.

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PISCES: Organization

Your social life has been on a bit of a hold so that in August you can reorganize your schedule, take better care of yourself, and look at the more mundane side of life. When things speed up post-Mars direct on August 27, you'll be ready to go and more social than ever. Think of August as a reorganization time, an opportunity to set things up, more in favor of a healthier lifestyle. Mercury direct proceeded by the eclipse in Leo on August 11 brings health issues to the forefront, so it's best to get a head start with enough sleep. This month, your beauty regimen needs to startВ from the inside.

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