Real Women on the Beauty Products They Always Recommend to Friends

When it comes to finding holy-grail beauty products, there's no better certificate of approval than a recommendation from a trusted friend. So who better to turn to for adviceВ than our ultimate beauty BFFs? You guys, ourВ always savvy community.

We took a peek into your #vanities and the beauty products that line them to seeВ the tried-and-tested products real women swear by. Whether it's a skin saver used religiously or a spa addition that makes your "me" time all the moreВ sacred,В 10 Byrdie readers dished on their favorite product of the moment.

One reader even told us, "Skincare is my 'me' moment each day. It's what I look forward to most." For that, we're here for you.

@alexandrareina Marie Veronique Soothing B3 Serum $90Shop

"I can't be without the Marie VeroniqueВ Soothing B3В Serum ($90). It's a lightweight, hydrating, and soothing gel serum that delivers serious glow upon application. It's formulated to be used on the most sensitive and acne-prone skin types, so there's no need to worry about it causing breakouts." -В @alexandrareina

@noellateran Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Long-Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in New Moon $36Shop

"Chanel'sВ Eyeshadow in New Moon ($36) is what dreams are made of. I literally smudge it across my lids leaving me with a smoky, shimmery, 'I didn't even try that hard' eye look. The sparkles really catch the light, and someone always pays me a compliment for it." -В @noellateran

@christina.kassi Overose Anthurium Candle $58Shop

"This one-of-a-kind candle is a work of art visually and sensually. The scent is magnetizing, with black currant and roses as the main notes. Lighting this candle during my nighttime self-care routine helps me relax and unwind like nothing else, and looking at it just makes me smile. It's such a mood changer." -В @christina.kassi

Sure, the holographic version is no longer available, but the scent still remains one of Overrose's top sellers.

@chelsandthecityy Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant $24Shop

"This product is a cult classic for a reason. I typically use it throughout the day on any dry spots I have, but I also use it to groom my brows in the morning or as a base for my eye shadow when going out at night for a glossy lid look." -В @chelsandthecityy

@glowbetter Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil $105Shop

"I swear by Sunday Riley Luna SleepingВ Night Oil ($105), my favorite night treatment. It's nourishing, luxurious, and helps to keep my skin soft, smooth, and clear. I also find the light botanical smell so relaxing at bedtime." -В @glowbetter

@beautyrewritten Glossier Balm Dotcom in Birthday $12Shop

"My lips are usually super dry, especially this time of year, but it keeps them moisturized and so soft. I actually use it as an overnight treatment on my lips as well." -В @beautyrewritten

@mindykoenigsfeld Tan-Luxe The Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops $49Shop

"I've been mixing Tan-LuxeВ The Face Illuminating Self-TanВ Drops ($49) with my daily moisturizer to give my skin that sun-kissed glow without the actual sun damage." -В @mindykoenigsfeld

@mangolikesilk Jordan Samuel The After Show Treatment Cleanser (PliГ©) $20Shop

"I swear by Jordan SamuelВ The After Show TreatmentВ Cleanser ($20) because it's the best multitasker. It's a makeup remover, cleanser, and mask all-in-one. While effective at making you feel cleansed, it removes even waterproof mascara gently. The gel-to-oil formula is what I think makes this product so special. After using it, my skin always feels plump, hydrated, and soothed. I can't be without it!" -В @mangolikesilk

@thecriticalbabe Foreo LUNA mini 2 $139Shop

"I was skeptical about this, but now I swear by it and use it every night. I can feel it really pushing my cleanser into the skin. Ever since I began using it, my face is less puffy, brighter, and I swear it's improved the appearance of the sebaceous filaments on my nose. I've also used it as a massager on my temples when I had a tension headache, and it actually provided relief." -В @thecriticalbabe

@gabriellerizzo Fresh Rose Face Mask $62Shop

"This rose face mask is my definition of luxury. I use it on Sundays mostly, and you literally lather yourself with rose petals in mask form. What's better than that? Skincare is my 'me' moment each day. It's what I look forward to most." -В @gabriellerizzo

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