7 Hair Masks Celebrity Hairstylists Can't Live Without

If the healthy state of a celebrity's strands can be attributed to their hairstylists, then you'd better believe we'll take the latter's recommendations as gospel. Especially come wintertime, our dry, ravaged locks need the heaviest artillery to reboot, so we find ourselves turning our ears to their advice more often than not. And if we can get our hair to look like Blake Lively's coif in the repair process… even better.

Thus, we asked celebrity hairstylists to share their top picks for the best thirst-quenching masks.В Their choices were greatly varied, too-from a drugstore buy to a mask infused with 24K gold (you know, for when you're feeling extra fancy), take a look at the products approved by the pros below.

AG Moisture Mask Pre-Cleanse $27Shop

"For the price point, it's a great moisture mask that will still leave your hair with texture so it doesn't feel waxy or too slippery when you're done using it." - Wesley O'Meara, Honey Artists hairstylist

Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Moist $5Shop

"I love Aussie's 3-Minute Miracle Moist because I don't need to leave it on for very long and there's an ample amount in the bottle. That way, I'm not in the shower killing time because I used basically half of the content of the bottle and don't want to waste it by rinsing it too soon. Also, while I feel like it works every time on my hair, over time, my hair has felt softer and softer and I still have the natural height in my hair that I love." -В Laura Polko

Г‰prouvage Reparative Treatment Masque $18Shop

"My personal favorite to fight that dry, winter, static hair is actually a combo from Г‰prouvage. I like to treat the hair with the Г‰prouvage Reparative Treatment Masque, which helps a lot. However, following that up in the winter with the Г‰prouvage Replenishing Leave-In ConditionerВ can really help tame the static. The real beauty lies within the fact that you have super-conditioned your hair without weighing it down, but it's enough of a barrier to help prevent static." - Donny Vasey

KГ©rastase Chronologiste $62Shop

"This mask is for all hair types, which is a bonus. It addresses both hair and scalp issues and delivers smoothness, shine, and softness in the largest dose of active ingredients in the highest concentration within the whole line." - Brian Zinno, senior education director, Antonio Prieto salon

Marula Deep Moisture Hair Mask $36Shop

"The Marula Deep Moisture Hair Mask is my favorite haircare product because it helps with so many issues. It delivers intense conditioning that helps rebalance your scalp and strengthen and improve hair elasticity, all while restoring essential moisture to your hair. This is great for my clients, especially those who use heat styling on a daily basis." - Julius Michael

Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Age-Defying Hair Mask & Bonnet System $75Shop

"This is the ultimate luxury mask with a high price pointВ but is still somewhat attainable. It leaves the hair soft and bouncy, and the feeling of 'treat yo'self' can help you get through the rest of 2016." - Wesley O'Meara

Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy Treatment $42Shop

"I love this two-step mask because it's so lightweight and makes your hair feel super soft and hydrated after you use it." -В Sarah Potempa

What's your weapon against dry hair? Please tell us below!