It's Official: This Is the Most Popular Nude Lipstick on Pinterest

Finding a nude lipstick that complements your own skin tone just as well as your friend's is a really, really, ridiculously hard thing to do. While berry tones seem to work almost universally, as do most reds and pinks, nude shades are finicky. We can't tell you how many times someone has recommended us a nude lipstick, just for us to apply it and immediately cringe at the result. It's incredibly rare to find a shade that everyone can agree upon. If we narrow that search even further, to a drugstore budget, it seems kind of impossible.В

According toВ Allure, though, that mythical nude lipstick that suits myriad complexions has been out there,В quietly living among us this entire time. Until now, that is. There's a particular shade that's currently trendingВ all over Pinterest, with almost 200,000 re-pins-and it's only $7.В Keep scrolling to see which shade of lipstick it is.

The winner is this unassuming Soft Matte Lip Cream from NYX in the shade London. Apparently, it has over 193,000 repins, and that number is only growing. It's all thanks to its warm peachy-brown color that brings out the best of almost anyone's complexion. On pale skin tones, it reads a little more brown, whereas darker skin tones might find it looking more pinkish or peachy.В

Either way, we can attest to the formula. We've had a long-time love affair with the shadeВ AntwerpВ ($7), which is a bright coral pink that we go back to each spring and summer. It goes on like butter, applying smoothly and evenly. Since it's so creamy, it's never drying (unlike other matte liquid formulas), and it actually feels good on your lips. Now that we have Pinterest's seal of approval, we'll stash Antwerp away for the time being and pickВ up this autumn nude instead.В

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