These 3-in-1 Cleansing Patches Are the Most Innovative Way to Wash Your Face

If you don't know the brand Artis by name, you'd recognize its unique Oval cosmetic brushes. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner praise the impossibly soft patented synthetic monofilament fibers that are constructed and shapedВ to expertly blend product onto the skin (Jenner prefers it as a medium for applying moisturizer). For years, the brand has held post as the prestige makeup brush brand, and are even responsible for launching the world's most expensive face brush (at $25K a pop, no less). So when we learned that the brand would be making its foray into skincare-specifically, cleanser-we were understandably stumped (but nonetheless, intrigued).

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Innovative like its brushes, Artis is pushing the envelope with its Phantom Cleansing Silks ($55), a first-to-market 3-in-1 cleansing patch that transitions from oil cleanser, to foam cleanser, to exfoliant right before your eyes. The patches-or dissolvable woven textiles-are made of patented nanofiber technology which helps to deliver pure, concentrated actives into the skin sans preservatives or unnecessary carriers. Traditional cleansers carry actives in gels or creams, which means that either additional preservatives are required to keep the actives stable, or the ingredients may oxidize over time, essentially making them less effective. With Phantom Silks, actives like jojoba oil, crambe abyssinica seed oil, and vitamin EВ are presented in their purest form at high levels ensuring the user is getting the most bang for their buck.

What's also cool about these patches is that they're super travel-friendly: Each box contains eight plastic packages with three patches per packet, which are to be placed on both cheeks and your forehead. Then, mist with water, and begin to gently rub the patches as they dissolve into your skin, letting the microcrystalline cellulose slough away dead skin while the oil and foam remove impurities.

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As a self-proclaimed cleanser snob, I approached this iteration with a bit of hesitation. I usually bypass physical exfoliators in favor of the chemical variety to avoid any unnecessary micro-tears in my skin, but this cleanser was especially gentle and left my complexion feeling cashmere-soft. And even though it required a bit of elbow grease to go through the motions of cleansing (peeling off the silks, delicately placing them onto my skin in fear of them tearing, and misting my face with water to generate a lather), it felt nice to wash my face with a bit more intention than my usual messy, haphazard rub-and-splash-of-water routine with the abandon of a Neutrogena commercial model. Lastly, I had my reservations about using the exfoliant on my eye area, but after doing a bit of rinsing so that I was mostly left with the oil/foam component, I was able to remove my (several layers of) mascara without harming the area. When all was said and done, my skin looked and felt refreshed, smooth, and especially prepared for my usual rotation of serums and tinctures that follow.

Final thoughts: I'll definitely keep these on deck for travel, but for my usual day-to-day, a gel cleanser feels quicker and sufficient.

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