Your September Beauty Horoscope Is Here, and It's All About Balance and Clarity

With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA,В Rose TheodoraВ is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using. Consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.

This month, she's sharing the beauty product you should use in September, based on your sign. Each product is thoughtfully selected for your sign and with the current astrological landscape in mind. You can also read for your sun, moon, and rising signs.


September is about refining your choices; doing only what you find to be of value and striving for better balance.В

September 1: Focus and nurture upon only what you want in your life long-term. Use a deep cleansing mask or schedule a facial today. Lasting results from beauty and anything self love-oriented will birth long term results. This is also an incredible day to commit to what and who you love for the long haul.В

September 3: This is an amazing day for communication, clean beauty, and focusing on the purity of your skin.В Send that email, have that conversation you've been wanting to have, sign that contract! All signs point to yes when it comes to communication today.

September 4: You might experience confusion with a penchant for idealizing love and dreams today, but who cares. Just don't do anything legally binding or life-changing today! Instead, relax, paint, compose music, and work only if you have to. As for your skin, think shimmer.

September 6: Consider a beauty detox. We recommend using a good clay mask and hydration.В

September 13: Experiment with your favorite beauty hack.

September 14: Full Moon in Pisces. Your emotions are fueling you big time so that you move through the confusion. Stay with it and plan a spa day!

September 15: Venus and Mercury moves into Libra.В We all become more focused on the mental agility of what romantic love is. Expect to be more attracted to soft hues of pink and gray.В

September 18: Saturn goes direct today in Capricorn.В It's been retrograde since April 29, 2019. Ask yourself whether the structures that you've built and created are honestly supporting you and your purpose. The quality of your skin will reveal where you're truly at.

September 23: The Sun enters Libra, making it officially Autumn Equinox. The first day of fall and less light for us in the northern hemisphere. Be willing to dig deeper into everything; it's a balancing act but one well worth it! Your skin needs more balance too. Opt for a proper balancing toner this week.

September 25: Be willing to love yourself rather than demanding it from others and the world. Give yourself a gentle scrub and deep moisturizing mask.В

September 26: Balance the superficial with the deep and penetrating. If you lean too far to one side, you'll feel it.В

September 28: New Moon in Libra.В Relationships, including the most important one (with yourself) is ever more important! Start accepting the irrevocable parts of yourself while letting other parts adapt to the needs of others. No matter how long we've been in relationship, it's always a learning process, and we can thank those closest to us for that.В

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Virgo: Happy Birthday, Harvest Queen! Your skills for precision are unparalleled. It's not that you're picky or notice too many details-it's that you're an expert when it come to them, so that you know what needs to be improved! Just don't go overboard-balance is always essential. The first half of the month means you're hyper-focused on refining your look. After the 23rd, you can expect a juicy reward.

Product: A clean, nude, barely-there nail polish.

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Libra: This month is about doing the prep work before you usher us into fall. The Sun enters your sign on September 23, but before then, it's about getting as much rest and relaxation as you can. Saturn going direct on the 18th means that whatever came up for you around the New Year related to family and/or your living space will resurface for greater clarity. In the meantime, gift you skin the extra hydration it's craving.

Product: A deeply moisturizing penetrating mask.

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Scorpio: This month, through your social networks, you're reconfiguring what your next steps are. Say yes when invited to something, as it will give you deeper insight into how you're healing the very depths of your mind! September 13th is a particularly powerful day for you.

Product: A pore-tightening spritzer.

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Sagittarius: Your reputation is shining brightly this month, especially because your planet Jupiter just came out of retrograde. After September 23, your focus will be less on work and more on turning your dreams into a reality. September 28 might be your biggest day yet.

Product: Go minimal this month and wear less makeup if you can. Try Kosas Tinted Face Oil for lightweight, natural-looking coverage.

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Capricorn: Your planet Saturn wakes up after being retrograde since April 29. This means that while your life has felt somewhat suspended, you've been reworking the karmic bank-meaning cleaning up your life big time and working hard. With the planets in fellow Earth sign Virgo for most of the month, this means that travel, growth, and expansion are on the horizon before you can step into a new role post-September 23.

Product: A healing vitamin-enriched cream. Your skin wants something luxurious.

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Aquarius: This season is about sharing the unique intuitive gifts that you usually keep to yourself. Enough playing coy. You're special not because of your quick wit, but because of how you use your visionary powers to ignite passion in others. Your mantra this month is strength in numbers. You speak with your hands, so wearing a dark, captivating color only reminds you of your power.

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Pisces: Purpose with reason is where you're at. Spend a little time thinking about what motivates you socially this season. Your social networks play a pretty robust part in your social standing. The question is: how much does it matter to you? The Full Moon in your sign on September 14 gifts you clarity. Your skin is always glowing, so opt for a creamy nail color instead.

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Aries: This month means that you're refining your schedule as well as your diet. Healthier means happier now. You're ready and willing to expend energy on your goals. If you're considering others, expect support and recognition for your strength and skills set. Your relationships, or a special “relationship,” means even more to you now.

Product: The Light Ray by Cap Beauty.

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Taurus:В This month means playing, focusing on your inner child and enjoying the abundance of life. The first week of September you are toying with different options, deciding what you really want and value and moving in that direction. This month isn't about closure, but rather staying open and mentally flexible. Clean and natural makes you feel more beautiful.

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Gemini: There is a deepness, a sense of security, and significant/life-changing meaning when you allow yourself to surrender your fears. When you loosen your grip on your relationships, or how the exchange of energy is flowing, you find yourself. This month is fun, poetic, and will test your ability to relinquish control. Add some red to your look to boost your confidence this month.

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Cancer: Marriage doesn't always mean have to mean two people meeting at the altar. It could also mean being devoted to a belief, a partnership, and or goals. To who and what are you married to, Moonchild? Are the needs of your security being met by you before you expect others to fulfill them? Saturn waking up September 18 will help you to find the answers you need. In the meantime, a soft pink makes you feel seen.

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Leo: This month is really promising for you! You may have to strategize a bit harder which can feel like work, but with Venus in your financial sector, you'll want to save a little extra to spend on yourself. Trust yourself and the rest will fall into place. Side note: Focus only on who and what you value right now. You're are detoxing from everything else.

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