Glossier Just Launched Their Iconic Lip Gloss in 2 New Shades for Summer

Lip gloss is back. Even though it's been a staple of Italian women for years, it's only recently made its way back into the U.S.'s mainstream beauty scene after falling out of favor sometime after '90s and then again after the early-to-mid 2000s. And we're pretty sure we have Glossier to thank for that (well, partly at least). Glossier is, after all, a millennial-minded brand that has a special talent for taking beauty basics and making them cool and effortless-not to mention essential for creating the ideal Instagram #shelfie.

Glossier, like many other brands who have relaunched lip glosses in recent years, took what was once known as a thick, goopy, and heavily fragranced product and modernized it. Now, finding a soft, hydrating, and glassy lip gloss is as easy as finding a flattering red lipstick or a thickening lash and brow serum. Glossier's Lip Gloss ($14) is just that; it feels smooth and comfortable on the lips, all the while offering a clear and subtly lacquered finish. Today, the brand is expanding its product line-up (and it's lip gloss product line-up in particular) by launching two new shades-a holographic gloss and a sheer red gloss. Both are available now; keep scrolling to see what they look like IRL.

Glossier Clear Lip Gloss $14Shop

First, let's double back and take a look at the original lip gloss. Even though it looks clear on the lips, it looks pink in the tube (Glossier's iconic shade of millennial pink to be exact). It's formulated with a mixture of emollients to impart a high-shine finish, and conditioning jojoba oil and vitamin E. It's also vegan-friendly and cruelty-, paraben-, and alcohol-free. The same goes for the two new shades.

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Here's what it looks like actually on the lips. It's smooth and glassy, and in our experience, it actually gives our lips a plumper, healthier look.

Glossier Holographic Lip Gloss $14Shop

Now for the new gloss. This one is called the Holographic Lip Gloss. As you can see, it looks clear in the tube. Look closely, though, and you'll see that there are finely-milled, light-reflecting particles suspended throughout the formula. Because the particles are so small, they only impart a subtle rose gold shimmer on the lips-not the chunky, frosty shimmer that came from lip glosses of yore.

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See? It's very subtle, which we appreciate. Wear it alone or over a balm or lipstick for an added oomph of shimmer and rose-gold radiance.

Glossier Red Lip Gloss $14Shop

Next, we have the Red Lip Gloss. This one looks bold and gel-like in the tube, which might make you think that it will impart a vibrant wash of color on the lips, almost like a liquid tint. However, it's much more subtle (and glassy) than that. After it's applied, lips look juicy and glassy with an added wash of sheer color… the key word here is 'sheer.'

В Glossier

It gives us an "I just re-applied my lip gloss after eating a cherry popsicle" type of vibe, which we're definitely into. We have a feeling we'll be wearing this consistently through to the end of summer.

Here's a swatch of all three glosses right next to each other. The first shimmer-less swatch is the clear shade. Next, there's the holographic shade. Finally, the third swatch is unmistakably the new red shade.

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