14 Podcasts Every Beauty Lover Should Listen To

There are so many great beauty podcasts these days, it can be hard to know where to start. The good thing about beauty podcasts is that you can listen to them out of order, so if there is a particular guest on halfway through a series you can jump into that episode. If all the episodes float your boat, then you can binge them all Г la Netflix. Whether you listen to beauty podcasts on your commute, while you're doing your chores or, quite fittingly, while soaking in a tub with a sheet mask on, these are the 14 best podcasts every beauty lover should listen to right now.

Gloss Angeles

A new podcast from reporter Kirbie Johnson and Bustles' senior fashion andВ beautyВ editor Sara Tan, this is already becoming one our favorite beauty podcasts to listen to. We love the perspective of all things beauty through an L.A. lens. We're also here for the show titles like Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips For When It's Hot as a Crotch and Okay Ladies Now Let's Get In(gredient) Formation.

Listen to Gloss Angeles here.

Beauty from the Heart

Beauty from the Heart PodcastВ

Rose Gallagher is a British beauty blogger and ambassador for It Cosmetics UK. She is one of the kindest, most genuine women I have the fortune of knowing, so it makes sense that her podcast champions other great women. Each episode shines a light on women in beauty who are pioneering wonderful initiatives. The brand new podcast aired its first episode last weekend with Rose sitting down to chat with journalist Sali Hughes, who set up the non-profit charity Beauty Banks with PR guru Jo Jones, that provides women, men and children in need with personal and beauty care items.

Check out Beauty From The Heart here.

The Emma Guns Show

В The Emma Guns Show

Emma Gunavardhana is a podcasting pro with over 300 episodes under her belt. What started as a beauty podcast has expanded to become a brilliant chat show with wonderful guests, including happiness expert Gretchen Ruben, author Lindsey Kelk, makeup artist Sam Chapman and skincare guru Paula Begoun. During the in-depth episodes, every Sunday, Emma and her guests explore all manner of topics, from light-hearted and fun to the more serious, like discussions on depression and sobriety. Emma says, "I talk with people who are smarter than me soВ weВ can learn". There are also new mini-shows every Wednesdays for those who can't wait a full week for another episode!

Listen to The Emma Guns show here.

On The Line

В On the Line

EstГ©e LalondeВ has been creating YouTube videos for years but made the jump to podcasting last year with her show, On The Line. Agony Aunt EstГ©e invites a different guest on to each episode and crowdsources questions from listeners who call or email in with questions for the guest. There are lighthearted episodes like the one where I talk about my naked pussy (that's my hairless Sphynx cat, FYI) to more serious episodes, such as the importance of cervical screening and body positivity with Callie Thorpe.

See all the On The Line episodes here.

Life and Lipstick

Life and LipstickВ

Makeup artists and pals Hannah Martin and Lisa Potter-Dixon launched this light-hearted and fun podcast at the start of the year. It was so popular they are back with a second series. The duo chats about everything from beauty and fashion to lifestyle and life in general,while also inviting beauty industry guests onto the show, like Milk Makeup founder Zanna Roberts Rassi and Cult Beauty founder, Alexia Inge. The duo does a brilliant job of sharing their stories and anecdotes, while letting their guests shine too.

Give Life and Lipstick a listen!


В Wobble Podcast

Wobble is an empowering and uplifting happiness and body confidence podcast, "because we all wobble". It's co-hosted by celebrity spray tanner and founder of self-tan brand Isle of Paradise, Jules Von Hep, and radio host-turned-celebrant, Sarah Powell. The show is all about those wobbles we have in life, whether it's a wobble in our career or those mental wobbles we sometimes get when we look in the mirror. Each 30-minute (ish) episode invites brilliant guests like makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes and Real Simple and Health Magazine beauty director Heather Muir to talk about life's hurdles and how to overcome them.

You can check out Wobble here.

Breaking Beauty

В Breaking Beauty Podcast

Created by two longtime Canada-based beauty editors, Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, this podcast is a great mix of in-depth interviews with brand founders about the highs and lows of starting a beauty venture, alongside bi-weekly shows called #THEGLOWDOWN, where the duo chat about new products and trends with industry insiders. They've interviewed everyone from Anastasia Soare to Bobbi Brown; for anyone who has ever wanted to start their own brand this is well worth a listen.

Explore the Breaking Beauty archives here.

Outspoken Beauty

Outspoken Beauty PodcastВ

Hosted by Nicola Bonn, a radio presenter and beauty journalist, this podcast cuts through the beauty world's smoke and mirrors and the marketing fluff to bring you candid conversations with beauty insiders and the very best beauty product recommendations. Not sure which episode to start with? We'd say skip straight to the interviews with longtime British beauty journalist Nadine Baggott and skincare ingredient guru Paula Begoun.

Listen to Outspoken Beauty here.

Beauty Full Lives

Beauty Full Lives

Beauty journalist Madeleine Spencer worked at Marie Claire and InStyle UK before creating this podcast. The show explores the emotional side of beauty, how rituals and memories create the relationships we have with beauty today. Guests include Katie Jane Hughes, Kylie Minogue and ex Glamour UK beauty director, Alessandra Steinherr.

Give Beauty Full Lives with Madeleine Spencer a listen here.

The Beauty Of It All

В The Beauty Of It All

British drugstore Superdrug has created a podcast hosted by presenter Vick Hope with different guests on each show. Every episode explores a different facet of beauty, from drag makeup's influence on influencers, how makeup plays a part in transitioning, whether Botox is bad, whether vegan makeup is a fad and more. It's well worth a listen.

Check out The Beauty Of It All right here.

Fat Mascara

Fat MascaraВ

Fat Mascara is co-hosted by Harper's Bazaar Beauty Director Jessica Matlin and Marie Claire's Executive Health & Beauty Editor Jennifer Goldstein. The duo is plugged into what's trending in the beauty world and have access to the biggest names, from Gucci Westman to Giuliana Rancic. There are over 160 fun episodes to explore and with every show, you'll learn more and more about beauty products, ingredients and trends.

Explore the Fat Mascara back catalog here.

Glowing Up

Glowing UpВ

Created by stand-up comedian and actress Esther Povitsky and comedy writer Caroline Goldfarb, this is a fast-paced, witty show about two women's journey to "glowing up" and finding their inner glowy goddesses. Each show explores different topics, from Jennifer Garner's smoothie recipe with celebrity nutritionist and author Kelly Leveque, to chatting Korean spas with actress Kiernan Shipka.

Give Glowing Up with Esther and Caroline a listen now!

The Dream Bigger Podcast

В The Dream Bigger Podcast

Hosted by influencer Siffat Haider of Icing & Glitter, this weekly podcast has a different guest on each show talking about their career and how they got to where they are today. Packed full of great advice, Siffat is a great interviewer and has some interesting guests, from model Lindsay Ellingson to Jayme Cyk, former Beauty Director at Violet Grey. (Oh, and me!)

Check out The Dream Bigger Podcast here.

Full Coverage

This podcast is co-hosted by two Brits living in L.A. Pro makeup artist Harriet Hadfield and self-confessed unprofessional beauty junkie and author Lindsey Kelk talk beauty trends, news and interview different industry experts in each episode, like Dr. Marko Lens of Zelens and April Gargiulo of Vintner's Daughter.

Check out the Full Coverage show here.

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