8 Feel-Good Treatments to Book If You've Had One of *Those* Weeks


You know the feeling: It's 11 a.m. on a Tuesday, you'reВ three lattes deep and already searching for something a a little stronger to take the edge off. Yep. We've all been there. Meetings, work deadlines, and personal commitments can all take a toll on our mental, physical, and emotional state, and by the time Friday arvo rolls around, you're ready to collapse in a heap of red wine and frozen pizza.В

This is where a little self-care comes in, and I'm not just referring to a sheet mask while you watch Gossip Girl re-runs. Sometimes you need to enlist a pro to really put your mind, body, and spirit at ease. Gratefully, part of my job is to try a bunch of beauty and wellness treatments, so I would consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to recommending the best. So, if life is too much and you need some serious zen, keep scrolling.В


If you need some serious love in the emotional and physical space,В Venustus should be your first stop. The owner Jeannie Bourke is one of the kindest, most intuitive people you will meet, and every treatment on the menu is heavenly. My personal favourite, however, is the OM Massage. It's a bliss-inducing treatment that uses a combination of techniques with sage, crystals, palo santo, and sound therapy to uplift or relax, depending on what you're after.В В

Tribe Natural Beauty

Fittingly nestled in Bronte,В Tribe is a light, airy space kitted out with white interiors and natural fibres. All treatments are holistic and restorative, and utilise a range of incredible natural products. Treat yourself to the Sodashi Thermal Infusion treatment (my absolute favourite, plus the Sodashi products are to die for), and brunch at Three Blue Ducks after. Or, a croissant from Iggy's, if you prefer.В

Melanie Grant

Located in Sydney, Melbourne, and Los Angeles (and depending on the time of year, Paris),В Melanie Grant and her team of talented staff will literally leave your skin glowing. The Custom Skin Health Facial is perfect if you haven't been before as it's tailored to suit your skins' needs at any given time. An hour spent at MG's will leave you feeling pampered, but also with supremely improved skin.В


Not for the faint-hearted, Valli atВ Herbario will give you a treatment like no other. It's rigorous, intense, and involves highly technical massage that will reshape and sculpt your face (hello, Hadid cheekbones). Valli's husband, Vito, is a certified Botanist and creates all the products used during treatments himself. It's not fair to callВ what Valli does a facial, because it's so, so much more. Herbario's clinic is located in Melbourne, and is difficult to get into, so I would suggest booking weeks in advance.В

Jocelyn Petroni

The first time I had a facial with Jocelyn Petroni, I immediately understood why myВ girlfriend had referred to her as "magic hands". She is magic, and will make you feel (and look) like a million bucks. The Signature Heart Chakra Facial will touch your soul in the best possible way. Or if lush nails are more your vibe, try a manicure-it will be the best you ever have.В

The Parlour Room

If the thought of a 90-minute facial isn't floating your boat, you might prefer to elevate your regular beauty practices.В The Parlour Room do incredible but luxurious brow shaping, mani's, pedi's, and spray tans among other things. Enjoy a herbal tea whilst you wait, or marvel at the pink marble interiors. I will digress though, that the facials are beyond.В

Nimbus and Co

Sometimes, you just need to sweat out the proverbial toxins from the work week. An infrared sauna will do just that, and the best I've experienced was at Nimbus and Co. It's basically a wooden box that omits infrared light. It's just warm to start, but after about five minutes, you'll start pouring sweat. You'll feel looser, lighter, and your shoulders will sit about an inch lower. Add a good podcast and it's basically therapy.В

Edwards and Co

You know what they say: Fresh hair is as good as a holiday. If you're feeling average, book intoВ Edwards and Co's new Surry Hills location for a cut, colour, or blow dry. I promise you'll feel a million bucks once you're done.В