This Stunning Photo Proves Ashley Graham Should Be a Victoria's Secret Model

Everyone knows that Ashley Graham is a straight-up stunner. She stuns on the runway, in real life (I've seen her), and in every single Instagram picture. More important, it can't be said enough how refreshing it is to see a real woman in the modeling industry embracing her curves and inspiring women to do the same. Yes, she's breathtakingly beautiful, but what she stands for is even more commendable. Honesty moment: This past year, I finally started loving my size-12 body. It's a steady work in progress for me, but it's real women at the forefront of the media, like Graham, who've shown me that I have every reason to celebrate my curves and accept my body, flaws and all.В

A few days ago, Graham uploaded an album of bikini pictures showing off her new Swimsuits for All two-piece that sends a subtle message the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show team needs to take note of. She's lying on a fun floaty in the first photo and in the next photo she's striking a pose with the same floaty, showing off big butterfly wings on her back. Is this a sign that Graham is manifesting her dream to walk in the next Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?

We hope so, and this is a major hint that she does too. Graham would be the first-ever curvy model to walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. In other words, this would be an amazing step in the right direction toward inclusivity, considering the fact that the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has been heavily criticized in the past for not showcasing diversity. It wasn't until 2015 when Maria Borges became the first model of color to wear her natural hair on the runway, and it took until 2016 for three models of color to rock textured buzz cuts down the runway for the first time. Progress looks good, and even more representation matters.

This isn't the first time Graham has put this wish into the universe. Right after the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Graham posted a gorgeous illustration on Instagram of herself as an angel with the caption: “Watching the angels tonight like… ”

Those wings look good on you, girl.В We're predicting her well-deserved spot in the next show.

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