The Uber of Beauty Services Just Got a Major Makeover

Justin Coit for The Glam App

The "Uber of beauty services," an app that provides on-demand hair and makeup services from professional stylists in 23 cities and counting, just got a major makeover. The Glam App, founded in 2015 and one of the first apps of its kind to burst onto the scene, has revamped its image as well as its offerings, diversifying its beauty looks and elevating the experience for clients and artists.

"We're calling it the Glam App Reloaded, and we have a brand-new menu," explained co-founder Joey Maalouf when we caught up with him at the app's relaunch event in L.A. "After taking in the past three years and what's worked and what hasn't, I realize the most important part of the Glam App is the connection that our clients get to make with our artists," notes Maalouf. "And that's kind of where the magic happens because our artists are basically there to make you feel and look beautiful." The new menu features 10 looks-five hair and five makeup-and is what Maalouf describes as "a jumping-off point for the artist to understand what it is that the client is looking for." He says the fun part is when the artist arrives at the appointment and collaborates with the client to tailor the look to fit the client's wants and needs. With the Glam App Reloaded, collaboration is the key.

The made-over app offers in-demand beauty looks like a smoky eye, a cat eye, and contour (ranging from $70 to $110 depending on stylist experience). For hair, the looks range from updos to beach waves (and range from $50 to $110). Maalouf spills that bombshell, "the perfect blowout," is the most requested service. "For makeup, believe it or not, no-makeup makeup is so major," admits Maalouf. "I think it's hard for a person to do it themselves if they don't have the makeup skills. That's a big one."

Justin Coit for The Glam App

And while bringing beauty to clients with the click of a button is the aim of the app, Maalouf emphasizes the importance of empowering young artists to gain experience and grow their client base. "When the idea for the app came about, I took myself back to 15-year-old Joey, and when I was 15, I had gotten my first job as a makeup artist," Maalouf recounts. "And I always had issues working in brick-and-mortar because I felt suffocated creatively and I didn't want to be in one place and do all the same people and the same thing all the time." While Maalouf ended up becoming an extremely successful hair and makeup artist, he struggled a lot at the beginning of his career. "I wanted to give artists the opportunity that I didn't have and connect them with clients that they wouldn't necessarily meet behind four walls of a salon," says Maalouf.