Charlize Theron's Glam Team Reveals the Secret to Her Golden Glow

When there's a star-studded cast promoting a major film like The Huntsman: Winter's War, we are blessed with loads of beauty looks to keep in mind post-press tour. Stars Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, and Jessica Chastain all showed off stunning red carpet moments, offering us the ultimate recipe for spring and summer inspiration. Theron's impeccable golden glow and shiny blond locks are forever on our radar, so we made it our mission to touch base with the creatives behind her timeless style. Celebrity makeup artist Francesca TolotВ and hair extraordinaire Enzo AngileriВ kindly allowed us to interrupt their busy schedules to discuss their recent work.

Ahead, we learn which products are essential to achieve some of Theron's best hair and makeup moments from The Huntsman press tour.


BYRDIE: What has been your favorite red carpet look for Charlize throughout her press tour?

ENZO ANGILERI: My overall favorite look is from The Huntsman photocall in Hamburg, Germany.

BYRDIE: How do you go about giving her hair just the right amount of shine?

EA: I love shine in herВ hair and in all women's hair. I think it's one of the most important elements. Shine is youthful andВ glamorous. It also photographsВ 100% better. I suggest a good regimen of haircare products: a good shampoo and conditioner, but most importantly, a leave-in conditioner.

BYRDIE: Tell us your best short-hair maintenance tips:

EA: I love short and messy! Strategically “messy” and shiny. With short hair, you can carry a leave-in conditioner with you and spray it throughout the day to revitalize the look.

BYRDIE: Did you work on her hair during the film? Tell us everything:

EA: It's a hairdresser'sВ dream to work in a movie like this one that allows you full creativity. It's like working in a period film, but without the restrictions of being too literal. Each look was a true pleasure to achieve.

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

BYRDIE: What has been your favorite red carpet look for Charlize throughout her press tour?

FRANCESCA TOLOT: I have two favorites: One was in Hamburg, Germany, and then one in Singapore.

BYRDIE: How does one achieve the perfect golden glow she always has?

FT: You can achieve the perfect golden glow by moisturizing your skin very well, then applying a thin layer of foundation, minimal powder, and some bronzing powder with shimmer."

Try Dior Forever Skin Glow 24-Hour Foundation SPF 35 ($52); Dior Diorskin Nude Air PowderВ ($56); Dior Diorskin Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder BronzerВ ($48).

BYRDIE: We are obsessed with the nude lip she showed off at the Los Angeles premiere ofВ The Huntsman. Do you have any tips on how to get the look?

FT: You can apply a very transparent layer of Dior Addict Milky Tint Lip FluidВ (discontinued).В

BYRDIE: How do you get her green eyes to pop so well? What do you recommend for girls with brown or blue eyes?

FT: You can make any eye color pop by using warm tones of browns and bronze. You can also use brown or black kohl liner.

Will you be test-driving any of these recommended products? Which of these looks is your favorite? Please tell us in the comments below!