Emma Stone's Golden Globes Makeup Was Inspired by the Suffragettes

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

There's no question that female empowerment was the overarching theme of tonight's Golden Globes-starting, of course, with attendees' commitment to wearing black, in a show of support for victims of sexual harassment and other inequalities in the industry. But others involved in the evening's festivities made a point of showing their own support, even in subtler ways. Consider celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, who opted to craft Emma Stone's beauty look with the official color scheme of the suffragettes who fought for our right to vote more than a century ago.

"It was really important to me that the makeup and the beauty I created had meaning behind it," she told us on the phone shortly after wrapping up her red carpet prep. She began researching the different symbols and colors behind historical women's movements and shaped her looks from the information she found. "It was a way of showing rebellion at the time," she says.

The suffragettes, for example, favored a color scheme of purple, white, and green-which is exactly how Goodwin landed on Stone's makeup look.

She started with deep emerald green around the actress's eyes-a shade from Nars' Les Larmes Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette ($49), to be precise-to create a smoky look that transformed in different lighting. "I love that when she looks down you can see very obviously that it's green and not black," she says. She then added a little white to the inner corners of Stone's eyes to brighten them up.

And for the purple, Goodwin opted to use Nars' Audacious Lipstick ($34) in Dominique on Stone's lips and cheeks ("I just dabbed it into the skin") to complete the symbolic look. (At the time of that first women's movement, purple represented freedom and dignity, white signified purity, and green stood for hope.)

"Those were the colors they used to symbolize their efforts," says Goodwin. "And I just thought that was really special."

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