So, This $13 Drying Lotion Might Just Be the Best Skincare Dupe Ever


Drying lotion, in my opinion, is the closest thing to magic in the world of beauty. Whiteheads stand no chance against its pimple-destroying capabilities, and for that reason alone, I am never without a bottle on my vanity. Cult favourites likeВ Mario Badescu andВ Kate Sommerville are on constant rotation, but a new offering from Sportsgirl has recently popped up on my radar.В

Boasting a similar ingredients listings to the above picks, it contains a potent blend of calamine and salcyclic acid to dry out the bacteria associated with spots so you wake up to clearer, smoother skin. But the best part? The Sportsgirl pick is only $13. I know! I have a feeling once the word gets out, this could be big (but hey, you heard it here first).В

Want to pick one up for yourself? Keep scrolling.В

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Using drying lotion is simple. Don't shake the mixture, just plunge a cotton bud into the sediment before covering the blemish. Leave to dry overnight, and upon waking, it will be like it never existed.В