VS Angels Are Chopping Their Hair into This Buzzy Style

A couple of months ago, we discussed the phenomena of curtain bangs. These bangs happened to be the trendiest hairstyle on Pinterest (they were pretty much overtaking our feed). Searches for bangs were up 600% at that point and they showed no signs of slowing down, which is why we projected these bangs would go on to become one of this season's buzziest hairstyles.

Now we're patting ourselves on the back since according to Vogue, three super influential style and beauty icons recently debuted curtain bangs of their own (does this mean curtain bangs have hit peak trendiness?). We're talking about Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill, and Elsa Hosk. Each of these three Victoria's Secret Angels recently took the leap, chopping off their hair to fit with the vintage French-girl fringe of the moment. And we can't stop staring. Keep scrolling to see how each of these Victoria's Secret Angels style their new curtain bangs.

Elsa Hosk was the first to debut the look. Shortly after the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, she took to Instagram to showcase her new breezy and brow-framing bangs. We were instantly obsessed with her new vintage vibe. It was a nice switch from the long, sleek hair we usually see her with.

As demonstrated by Hosk, the key to this look is to keep the bangs feathered. When asking your stylist for curtain bangs, use words like soft, textured, and breezy. Doing so will ensure that the bangs naturally part on the forehead, draping down the sides of the face-much like curtains would on a window (hence the unique moniker). In other words, don't go for a blunt cut. It won't have the same movement or effortless je ne sais quoi of Hosk's look.

Taylor Hill was next. She kept her length, unlike Hosk, and added long layered pieces on either side of her face for a natural and melded transition between long and short. We don't know about you, but these curtain bangs remind of us '60s French icons like FranŠ“§oise Hardy, Jane Birkin, and Brigitte Bardot. These women are basically the definition of timeless style, which makes us think this haircut will never not be on trend.

Finally, Romee Strijd unveiled her set of stunning curtain bangs on Instagram earlier this week. Her set of fringe parts perfectly in the middle, which we're guessing is the result of some expert shaping and styling at the hands of her hairstylist Danielle Priano. If you opt for curtain bangs, we recommend keeping a lightweight pomade on hand, like Ouai Matte Pomade ($24), which will give separation and hold without heaviness.

It's worth noting that this style isn't new, it's just trending again. After all, Brit It-Girls like Alexa Chung, Suki Waterhouse, and Georgia May Jagger have been wearing this style for years. While we have yet to see if other models and celebs will partake in this buzzy new trend, we're guessing they will. These bangs look amazing on everyone while requiring only minimal effort to style. Count us in.

Head over to Vogue to see the full article, then see one Byrdie editor's IRL bangs transformation.