How to Get Fuller Hair Overnight-It's Possible

Sleep is a wondrous biological function, essential to our health and well-being and a key component of looking young and fresh. It just also happens to be a curse upon the limp, fine, and flat-haired girls of the world. If that's you and your hair type, sleep is the enemy of hard-won attempts at volume, a certain death sentence to full-bodied bounce. Until now, that is.
We spoke to celebrity hair stylist Jennifer Yepez, whose client work includes Chrissy Teigen, Joan Smalls, and Karolina Kurkova, and gotВ her easy-to-follow guide to waking up with fuller hair. Keep reading to find out her secrets!
(P.S. Even if you don't have thin hair and just want to wake up with mega volume, this one's for you!)

Double Up

The first step towards waking up with fuller hair is to shampoo your hair twice the night before, using a volumizing shampoo.
"A lot of times when you just shampoo once, you don't really get the grease out," explains Yepez. "Shampooing twice with a great volumizing formula will get it nice and clean, so there is no residue left that can weigh your hair down. You'll notice at salons, they always wash your hair twice," she says.
Yepez also recommends using a volumizing conditioner. "If somebody has really really fine hair, or greasy hair, then they could just put it on the ends, but volumizing conditioner is made for fine and limp hair, so you can still use it and it will moisturize without weighing down. It will still be full and fresh for the morning," she says.
"My favorite volumizing shampoo and conditioner line isВ Rene Furterer Volumea ($29)."

Pump It Up

The next step involves volumizing mousse, spray, or serum-depending on your hair type-to pump up the volume. "If you have really limp hair, you're going to want to use a little bit of mousse all over, and also incorporate a little bit of spray," she says. "I like Kerastase's volumizing mousse, the Mousse Volumifique ($42) and Phyto's Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray ($29).
Two other favorites of Yepes?В Rene Furterer'sВ Vegetal ($27), a mousse, and Oribe'sВ Volumista ($39), a volumizing spray.
"When you get out of the shower, towel dry it first, then use the mousse all over, from the roots to the mid-shaft, all around the hair. Then spray, and brush it through so all of your hair is covered with the product," she recommends.
"If you don't like mousse, or if your hair is only moderately limp, you can use just the spray," she says, "and if you have a combination, with dryer ends and limp hair on top, and still want that volume up there, use a serum like Kerastase Elixer Ultimae ($56), or Rene Furterer Carthame No-Rinse Moisturizing Conditioner ($27)."

Heat It Up

After distributing the volumizing product of choice through your hair, the next step is to blow dry it. "Rough dry it with your fingers first, andВ when it's half way dry, start to dry it with a brush, in sections," Yepez says. She recommends using a medium-sized round brush, andВ making smaller sections, such as two on the side, two on top, and two on bottom, to create more volume.В

Pin It Up

This is the part you're going to want to commit to memory: "The only way you're going to wake up with volume is if you set your hair," Yepez says. "You should definitely pin each section up as you blow dry," she advises.
Simply roll individual sections up using your fingers, and secure them in place using either a large bobby pin or a classic metal pin as soon as you finish blow drying them. "It depends on how much movement you want, and also how much hair you have, so you can pin one big section on each side, one on top, and one on bottom," she says," "but the more sections, the more movement, so I would recommend pinning two on each side, two on top, and one from the back up top to make it comfortable to sleep." she says. "Since you'll be sleeping, you can try to arrange them however you'll be most comfortable and unbothered, but bobby pins won't hurt as you sleep," she says. "You could also use a roller, if you want to and you're okay and comfortable sleeping like that, but it's not necessary," she says.
Then, all you have to do is go to sleep and…

Lift It UP

After you wake up in the morning, remove the pins and brush out your hair, with a Mason Pearson brush or any boar bristle brush. "Flip it upside down, and use a blow dryer to help brush it out so there are no sections," says Yepez. "You can also use the blow dryer to refresh your ends by smoothing them out a little bit. "If you want even more volume, my ultimate trick is to use dry shampoo, even though your hair is clean, even though you just washed it the night before. ItВ gives you more volume. Just spray a little bit of dry shampoo after you're done blow drying or brushing it out," she says.
"If you want to add a little texture, depending on the look you're going for, I love the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($46)," she says. "That's a must-have. If you have truly limp hair, your two best friends would be dry shampoo and texturizing spray. More texture means you feel like you have more hair."
To recap: Before you go to bed, double shampoo with volumizing shampoo. Apply mousse and/or volumizing spray. Blow dry in sections, pinning each one up as you go to set it overnight. Use dry shampoo and texturizing spray for extra liftВ in the morning upon taking the pins out. And voila, you just woke up with fuller hair.