The Best Hidden Eyelash Extension Spots, According to Beauty Insiders

When Beyoncé said those infamous words, “I woke up like this,” she probably had eyelash extensions on. Seriously, they'll have you waking up looking good. It's one of those things you can do to your face that seems so simple, but really, it makes all the difference. Thick and lush eyelashes are something that every girl (at least every girl at Byrdie) strives for. Plus, there's the added bonus of never having to wear mascara, which can be quite tedious to put on our tired eyes every morning.

The trick to eyelash extensions is finding the right place that works for you. From Los Angeles all the way to New York City, there is an assortment of under-the-radar yet exceptional eyelash extension spots. Luckily for you, we've decided to let you in on the industry's best-kept secrets to incredible lashes. Keep scrolling to find out all the hole-in-the-wall spots for a flawless look of your own.



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