Sonia Kashuk's Hair Brush Takes on Mason Pearson's Cult Classic

Mason Pearson's Handy Mixture Brush ($120) is the Rolex of the hair brush world: it has a rich heritage, is handmade with the finest parts, and doesn't come cheap. It also happens to create soft, enviable texture on any hair type, whether you're giving yourself a blowout or combing through your morning bedhead.
Then there's the Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush ($16). Upon first inspection they seem very similar, so we put them to the test. What did we find? Both brushes distribute oils from your scalp through the hair, gently detangle, and create touchable, beautiful texture. The nylon bristles on both brushes are heat-resistant and eliminates static, and the natural hairs on both come from boars raised in cold climates, which yields a better bristle.
So do you need to spend over $100 for a high-quality boar/nylon mixture brush? Honestly, no. While Mason Pearson's iconic brush has all the charm of a luxury brand-we'd happily add any of their iconic brushes to our vanity!-you can get the same results by swinging by Target.