Bikini and Brazilian Waxing for Men

Bikini and Brazilian waxing for men are popular methods ofВ hair removal. Here are some examples of offerings available for these types of service and why you should seek out a professional.

Pubic Waxing Styles Available to Men

  1. BSC (back, sack, crack). This is exactly as it sounds. Although the back is not part of the Brazilian, the sack and crack can be. The hair is removed from the area between the buttocks and from the scrotum. This is done carefully and with professionalism and there's no need to be shy or worried as long as you are dealing with a professional who is experienced.
  2. Bikini line. This is the same as for women. If you had a bikini-type bottom on, picture all the hair that shows around the edges gone. It's much less invasive than the above-mentioned waxing but still leaves quite a bit of hair.
  3. Strip and bikini (with clipping down the front). Basically, this is the same as the bikini but more hair is removed and a landing strip is left. Generally, the hair is also trimmed down to about a Вј of an inch.
  4. The full BrazilianВ This is the works. You can expect all genital hair removed. And I mean everything. From front to back (yes, your behind) you will be hair free. You may want to consider getting your actual back done as well if it's very hairy, for a seamless look.

Of course, you don't have to choose just one style. You can customize your bikini wax to include exactly how much hair you want to keep and be removed.

Going to the Pros

We highly recommend going to a licensed and trained individual who has worked on men for some time. Ask around to find the best of the best. You can expect professionalism, cleanliness, and no embarrassment from someone who knows what they are doing.

Waxing at Home

Trying this yourself at home will probably be a disaster. You will leave yourself open to bruising and ingrown hairsВ because you probably will not be able to get the correct angles to remove the hair properly. You can also burn yourself and cause blisters-not something you want, especially on your genitals.

There may be a few of you who have mastered the art of waxing yourself but for most, it will be one of the hardest things to do on your own. And who wants to walk around with wax in places because they couldn't reach around to remove it?В Leave this to a professional and enjoy a little pampering and a couple of hair-free weeks.