A Review of the Self-Cut System Haircutting Mirror

Most people probably don't cut their hair at home. But if you do, to achieve even a half-decent result takes skill, bright lighting, and high quality mirrors. The Self-Cut System's three-way mirror design makes it easy to see your head from any angle,В and allows you to use your hands for cutting instead of holding a mirror. The product is well designed, easy to use, and recommended for anyone who cuts their own hair.


  • Inexpensive compared to the cost of a few professional haircuts
  • Makes seeing your head easy from all angles
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Great aid for haircutting, head shaving, or touching up the neckline
  • Comes with instructional app


  • No permanent mount option
  • Hangs over the door. where lighting is likely not the best (there is an option with lights, but it costs extra)


The Self-Cut System is a three-way mirror that hangs over the door and allows you to see your head from all angles. It allows you to cut your own hair, while preventing you from having to hold a hand mirror to see the sides and back of your head. If you get a lot of haircuts, can save you thousands of dollars per year… as long as you're brave enough to attempt to cut your own hair at home.

A Review of the Self-Cut System Haircutting Mirror

First, a disclaimer. I own barber salons and make a living from cutting men's hair. As such, I've never been a particularly big advocate for buzzing your hair at home. That said, there are some guys who, for varying reasons, are going to take matters into their own hands and cut their own hair while standing over the bathroom sink. For those guys, the Self-Cut System three-way mirror can make that task much easier, and will help it end in less disastrous results.

One of the biggest challenges of cutting your own hair is being able to see the sides and back of your head without having to contort your body into odd positions, or fumble with a hand mirror. Holding a traditional hand mirror while looking into a wall mirror ties up one of your hands. For quick touch-ups, I've always kept a wall-mounted telescoping mirror positioned between me and the bathroom mirror to free up both hands. That works fairly well, but a self-haircutter would still have to occasionally twist into an odd position to see their head from all angles. The Self-Cut System actually eliminates that problem.

The Self-Cut System is basically a three-way mirror that hangs over the door. You open up its three hinged panels and stand in the center; by turning your head and/or adjusting the angle of the panels, you can see the front, back, and sides of your melon. If you've ever tried cutting your own hair, you understand that it can take some practice knowing which way to move, because things in the mirror are reversed. I would recommend going through the motions of cutting your hair before you actually do any real buzzing.

It also comes with an instructional appВ which shows you the basics of cutting your own hair using the System. The appВ shows guys cutting their own hair, which shouldВ really give you an idea of the angles and techniques used for doing it yourself. That said, before trying to cut your own hair, be prepared for the consequences if you screw it up-not everyone can do it right. Practice, ultimately, makes perfect.

The Design

As far as quality goes, the Self-Cut System is well-designed and constructed. The mounting hangers could be a bit heavier, as the unit felt like it might fall off if it was bumped the wrong way. The product could also benefit from a permanent mounting option, so you don't have to hang it up every time you need to use it. A few screws and some double-sided foam tape would probably do the trick if you want to leave it mounted where it is.

Cutting your own hair is not as easy as you'd think; it takes some natural skill, the right lighting, and a good mirror. For the latter, the Self-Cut System does the trick quite nicely.